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Fallen Angels: ANTM (S15: E3)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 23, 2010

6 minutes have elapsed of this episode, and so far the people who sucked last week are just whining about the fact that they sucked.  This is boring.


The Jays hang out and watch the tears and drama during the makeovers

Tyra shows up at the Top Model house to pal around with the girls.  Except really she’s there to tell them they’re going to get makeovers so they look like models.  Crazy thing they’re doing this season?  Giving Chelsey a bigger gap between her teeth.  Um.  Crazy.  And OUCH.

Oh, and you remember how the girls aren’t supposed to bully each other this season?  Yah.  That didn’t even last an episode.  Lexie wrote up a fake list that allegedly said what the girls’ makeovers were going to look like and pretended it came from Tyra.  It included horrible things like “strawberry blonde afro” and “shaved head.”  Stupid prank.  Lexie’s fake tears were believable though.  But still.  Now that Anamaria is gone, she’s the new girl to hate in the house.

After their makeovers and a quick photoshoot with their new looks, the girls learn that someone is going home that evening.  They send Terra home right in the hair salon because she didn’t embrace her new short hair.  The Chris-Terra sister duo is now broken up.  Now she has to go home with a crazy weird haircut.  Heh.  Bummer.

Terra gets sent home for her inability to make this haircut look good

For their photoshoot, the girls are supposed to be angels falling from the sky, and they’ll hang from a harness.  The story is that they’ve fallen for a mortal man, so there are male models on the set.  Again with the crazy weird photoshoot, Tyra.  I’m not sure how this figures into vogue.  It’s also weird that right after they give them haircuts, they cover up their hair with these weird feather headdresses.  Lexie and Sara sucked it up pretty hardcore.

Judging time.  OH SNAP.  Tyra found out about the fake makeover list.  And yet.  She didn’t care.  So much for taking a stand on bullying and pranks.  Most of the girls totally missed the mark on their photos.  Like, seriously, I’ve never seen them suck this much.

Esther looks super awkward.  Like a fish out of water.

Ain't nothing pretty about Esther here

Rhianna did nail the emotion she was supposed to portray.

Fallen Rhianna

Ann also got a great shot, but the judges tell her she needs to make her personality pop.

But before the judges deliberate, Tyra gives our girls a-talking-to saying they shouldn’t embarrass her in front of these super famous photographers.  Ah yes.  Now we know the reason why ANTM has never worked with super high end designers and photographers in the past.  Cuz most of these girls can’t and never will be able to model.

So, among this disappointing group, Ann wins best photo.  Again.

Kayla is the runner up for best photo.

Sara and Lexie comprise the bottom two.  But Lexie seems to have more potential (and a “better” on camera personality), so she gets to stay.

Sara falls for good in a decidedly un-angelic manner

Ann is already the person to beat.  I don’t know, though.  Awkward can only get you so far.

Too awkward for words


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