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“$#*! My Dad Says” -Pilot Review

Posted by Marlo Stanfield on September 23, 2010

"Thatsa spicy meatballa!" would be a funnier line than anything said tonight.

GzjsdpdfslkEjop’afesdfgixl;kmfAEkl;dfszjfjdsgzhfdshkl;sd;klhfsahklfdsh was my initial reaction to uh… hold on…. I’m going to get this right… $…. #….*….!….. $#*! My Dad Says!  (Yes, I’m awesome).  My second thought was, “Well, a laugh track is always a good sign.”  And my third was “I don’t think I’m going to laugh this entire episode.” And I didn’t.

$#*! My Dad Says is about Henry Goodson (Jonathan Sadowski), a magazine writer who recently lost his job and is afraid to ask his dad if he can borrow money and move back home while he tries to get back on his feet.  And, praise be the Lord, William Shatner stars as his father Ed Goodson, who says, not $#*! because it’s network television.  And filling out the cast are Mad TV all stars Will Sasso as Henry’s brother, Vince, and Nicole Sullivan as Vince’s wife, Bonnie.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about the show, because chances are, you’re more interested in reading the reviews than actually watching $#*! My Dad Says.  I was kind of banking on this being the worst show of the year, but it’s not. (Be sure to read my review of Chase)

The problems with this show are threefold:

1.)  The premise

2.)  The writing

3.)  The acting

Number one:  WHO GREENLIGHTED THIS?!?!?  Seriously.  Someone should lose their job for being so out of touch with modern culture and the practical uses of Twitter accounts (i.e. not television pilots).

Number two:  I think they spent more time scouring the website looking for funny quotes than actually putting together a script.  Very sloppy.

Number three:  The duo is terrible.  William Shatner’s problem is he knows he’s making a joke.  The whole show hinges on the father not knowing he’s being funny. So, TV producers, why would you cast William Shatner in this role?  In addition, let’s take a moment to talk about Jonathan Sadowski.  I feel like he knows the show is awful, so he’s overselling the joke so it lands flat on purpose.  And Nicole Sullivan and Will Sasso are adequate, I suppose – no less funny than they were on Mad TV, but not much funnier.

A sitcom should make me laugh, at least once.  And it failed to do that, even if I was predisposed to not like it.  $#*! My Dad Says is like one of those fake shows you’d see on Arrested Development or a Christopher Guest movie. I was really hoping this was going to be so bad it was funny, but it’s just sad.  Sad like a baby bird that’s fallen out of its nest.*

But I was thinking what I would like to see if, by some dark power, $#*! My Dad Says exists beyond this week:

First, I’d rewrite the jokes so they landed a little better, by adding $#*! My Dad Says at the end of every one:

“But, Bonnie, if he lived in our condo, he’d say a bunch of $#*!. $#*! My Dad Says!”

“What do I need?  I need a dad who doesn’t say $#*!. $#*! My Dad Says!”

“Two squirrels fornicating. $#*! My Dad Says!”

“I see…. $#*! MY DAD SAYS!”

Second, I hope this show has the staying power to survive until Henry gets a deal to write a TV show based on his Twitter. ) So then he writes $#*! My Dad Says while on $#*! My Dad Says.  And then three years later he writes $#*! My Dad Says in the series of $#*! My Dad Says while on $#*! My Dad Says. And then the show is cancelled. (EDIT: Credit should be given where credit is due.  I was made aware that I needed to acknowledge the sitcom Jerry within Seinfeld.  It has now been acknowledged.) Anyway, my casting would go like this:

$#*! My Dad Says in $#*! My Dad Says – Starring Alan Alda and Michael Cera (I’d watch that, are you kidding me?!?)

$#*! My Dad Says in $#*! My Dad Says in $#*! My Dad Says – Starring Ted Danson and Justin Bieber.

In six years, it'll work perfectly

Grade: D

*By the way, I’ve seen a baby bird fall out of its nest, and it’s not like “Are you my mother?”


3 Responses to ““$#*! My Dad Says” -Pilot Review”

  1. Marlo Stanfield said

    By the way, I was going to put a picture of Ted Danson with Justin Bieber, but it took too much time. So all you get is BiebsTime.

  2. Mr. Feeny said

    Another dead-on assessment. The biggest reason, like you mentioned: they tried too hard. Shatner isn’t selling any jokes. He’s just delivering punchlines (which also aren’t very funny…at all).

    I did like the sincere moments. The angry conversation with his son, the realization that his other family doesn’t care about him, his interaction at the driver’s testing facility. That would be a great supplement to a show that’s actually funny. Instead, it’s wasted. Also, it’s way too much progress in Shatner’s character for the premiere.

    Grade: D

  3. CJ Cregg said

    I will pay someone to ensure that I never have to watch this show again.

    The jokes fall soo soo soo flat. The son is a horrible actor. Everything about this show tries too hard.

    I didn’t laugh once.

    I can’t think of a single good thing about this show.

    Grade: F

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