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“Cleaning House”: HIMYM (S6: E2)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 27, 2010

Barney's bro meets his dad

Plot Summary: Barney learns his mother is selling the house he grew up in.  When the gang goes to help him pack up, Barney learns his mother told him some lies as a child.  Barney’s black brother tells him that he needs to stop buying into his mother’s fibs and grow up.  Robin talks Ted up to a new assistant on her show.

What we Learn about the Mother: Zip.  Zilch.  I guess I wasn’t expecting anything, though, because we learned quite a bit last week.

Best Part: When James, Barney’s brother, follows the clues to find his father, Barney is convinced the black man is also HIS father.  He tries to bond with James and Sam by singing hymns with them at the piano.  He fails to fit in, so he returns with an autotuner and tries to bond by sounding like T-Pain.  [I’ll try to find the video tomorrow.]  Let me tell you.  Hymns sound awesome autotuned.

Top 3 Lines:

1) Barney tells the gang he will persuade them to help pack up his childhood home.  Barney: I got the queen to give me a fist bump.  Marshall: No one believes that story.

2) Ted tells Robin that she oversold him to Liz, the assistant on her show.  He then argues that the oversell is a critical mistake.  For example, one would never tell someone that the Karate Kid is the best movie ever because they’d be bound to be disappointed.  Ted breaks into some Karate Kid moves as he narrates the plot of the entire movie.  Robin ponders for a minute, and notes: Maybe I did oversell.

3) As Ted struggles with a box, Barney tells him: The package is too big for that box you’re trying to fit it in.  Ted replies: That’s what your mom said.  Barney is scandalized and tells Ted to shut up.  Ted replies calmly: No.  That’s really what your mom said.  Barney’s mom peeks her head into the room and tells Ted to get another box.

All in all, stupid episode.  Come on, writers.  This show used to be way awesomer than this.


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