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Glee and Pep: Top Chef Just Desserts (S1: E3)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 29, 2010

Oh no Seth didn't! (The chefs go off on Seth, center)

If you missed it last week, Seth has emerged as the unstable, whiny kid.  And yet, to my chagrin, he snuck by in elimination.  And he continues to whine about being misunderstood.  Can we get rid of him please?

For their quickfire challenge, the judges meet Sylvia Weinstock, who is apparently one of America’s best known cake decorators.  The chefs have to make a wedding cake.  For a quickfire.  That’s kind of insane.  They have an hour and a half to make a wedding cake.

Seth has never made a wedding cake in his life, so he’s making a mini engagement cake dessert.  That isn’t going to go well.  He isn’t even trying.  Erika is making a kahlua buttercream.  Um.  Awesome.  This is intense, our chefs are so stressed out.  Malika’s cake is epicly failing by basically collapsing on her.  She has a crisis of confidence, and claims that she doesn’t love cooking while on the show.

It also seems like quite the shame to have them make a huge cake so that the judges can take two bites.

Sylvia gives it to Seth for not trying.  The best cake belonged to Erika (leaving Heather H. to scour in the background because apparently she’s supposed to be good at making cakes).

For the elimination challenge, the judges will be divided into two teams.  (By drawing cookies from a jar instead of knives.  Oh, Bravo, you’ve thought of everything.)  They’ll be throwing a bake sale to raise money for a cheerleading team and a glee club.  The chefs seem to be focusing on actual bake sale items like brownies and cookies, instead of high-end desserts.

After they prep for the day, Malika continues to mull over leaving the competition.  As they begin to serve to the high schoolers, though, she seems to change her mind.

The results are very close–only 10 bucks separate the glee club from the pep squad.  The pep squad wins, but Bravo continues to shower money on the school by making a donation to the other club and the school.  (It’s really kind of obscene how much money Bravo spends on these shows.  They reward the contestants throughout the season with 10k here or there, and make donations to foundations all the time.)

Eric’s rice krispie treats, Malika’s chocolate toffee brownie, and Erika’s chocolate chip walnut cookie won high praises from the judges.  The winner is Eric.

When it comes time for the losing team to take the stand, Danielle throws Seth under the bus, but Zac steps up to defend him.  The team utterly destructs in front of the judges.  Danielle has quite the sourpuss face when the judges tell her the cupcake she made was dry.  Danielle and Seth scream at each other in the backroom.  They are both heinously immature.  Heather gets sent home for her ordinary peanut butter cookie.  I wish they would have sent Danielle home.  She ruins the flavor of this show for me.

These chefs are way more dramatic and immature than anything from Top Chef.


One Response to “Glee and Pep: Top Chef Just Desserts (S1: E3)”

  1. Niko said

    You guys are fast as hell holy -sh_t…. nice work!

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