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Under the Sea: ANTM (S15: E4)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 1, 2010

Tea with Tyra

Kacey the flirt has the brilliant idea of inviting the male models over for a BBQ.  But, GASP, she has a boyfriend!  Also, all the girls are aaaaawkward.  Like a middle school dance.  Horrible idea, Kacey.

The next day, the girls head to Knott’s Berry Farm, America’s first theme park.  For their photo shoot, they have to ride a roller coaster and portray an emotion.  Turns out, it’s really hard to hold your face in one position while going super fast.  But still.  What a weird challenge.

Liz is the winner, and she gets a photoshoot with Tyra for her new magazine or something.  Who is she trying to be, Oprah?  And then they go and have tea.  Weird.  Tyra then pours some out for the homeys.  Cuz you can do that with tea.

Then, we find out that everyone hates Kacey.  But she’s so convinced she’s going to be America’s Next Top Model that she doesn’t care.  (She’s wrong, btw.  I’m calling this now.)

Their photoshoot is a beauty shot with millions of dollars of jewelry.  They’ll be posing with things like octopi, squids, and other nasty creatures to evoke undersea goddesses.  Matthew Rolston will be their photographer.  I’ve heard of him.

Kayla was actually stunning.

Kayla is Ariel-esque

These shots are actually really cool.  This photographer has an impressive vision.

Liz fell short because of her complaints and excuses during the shoot.

Esther’s photo was pretty awesome.

First good shot we've seen of Esther

Chelsey’s picture did not impress.  In fact, she looked like a drag queen.  Good thing she went all out and got her teeth filed.

Chelsey the drag queen

Best picture of the week is Ann for the third week in a row.  This is starting to get boring.

Ann looks Elizabethan

Kacey gets the runner up for best photo.

I don't think Kacey's photo is that good and I really want to get rid of her

Chelsey sneaks by, so Liz and Rhianna are left in the bottom two.

To my utter shock, Liz sneaks by too, and Rhianna is sent home, despite a strong performance in the previous weeks.  I thought Rhianna would be around for a lot longer.

Rhianna's Photo is definitely not the loser in my opinion


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