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“Unfinished”: HIMYM (S6: E3)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 5, 2010

Marshall and Barney try to convince Ted to take the job

I enjoyed this episode much more than I have the last several.

Plot Summary: Robin struggles to get over Don by deleting his name from her cell phone.  Ted debates whether to take the job of head architect for the Goliath National Bank building.

What we Learn about the Mother: Nothing.  But since this was a good episode tied back to earlier themes, I didn’t mind.

Best Moment: Robin challenges her friends who claim she needs to delete Don’s number to delete numbers from their phones, too.  She tries to get Marshall to delete the number of a booking agent for his lawyer band, which played once, four years ago.  We get a shot of said lawyer band, guys in suits with funny hats.  The name of the band was “The Funk, the Whole Funk, and Nothing but the Funk.”  As they rock out, they ask, “How do you plead?”  “FUNKY!!!”

Top 3 Quotes:

1) When Barney tells Ted that the new building for GNB is back on, he recalls their fond, yet brief times as “co-workers, no, broworkers.”

2) Lily can tell whenever Robin is secretly calling Don saying she misses him.  Every time Robin enters the bar, she asks, “Where’s the poop, Robin?”

3) Barney tries to woo Ted to take the job designing the GNB building by using the same tactics he uses to get women to sleep with him.  In one sequence, we see him bragging about himself in the form of a complaint.  (“The courtside Knicks tickets that all GNB employees get are too close to the action.  I get sweat on my suit!  It sucks!”)  He also gives Ted intense eye contact and touches him a lot.


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