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Showing Off: Top Chef Just Desserts (S1: E4)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 6, 2010


Yes, I googled dessert pictures. So sue me.


Aaaaaaaaand, Seth’s still here and Malika is back to waffling about whether she wants to be on the show.  Same sh…tuff different day.

Quickfire time!  And product placement time!  With the help of Breyers, the chefs have to make the ultimate ice cream sundae.

Seth has utterly cracked.  He seems not stable.  He’s pissed that the producers took away paper cups that he brought from home, and he thinks that this will break him in the ice cream challenge.  Then, there are sirens.

And then, there’s a commercial.

[Curse you, Bravo!!!!]

Turns out, Seth got super upset, and couldn’t breathe.  He had an anxiety attack and fainted.  Insane.  At the producer’s discretion, Seth isn’t cleared to compete and is kicked out of the competition.  (HOLY CRAP!  THIS IS CRAAAAAZY!)


He made a splash during his short time on TCJD


OK, the chefs exhale.  And go make ice cream sundaes.

Danielle is on the bottom, so hopefully she’ll go home.  Zac’s deep fried ice cream was a hit, but Morgan’s smoothie and mint chocolate chip sandwiches win.  He’ll have immunity in the next elimination.

Team challenge!  Because Seth left, though, the producers bring back Heather C., who was eliminated last week because of her peanut butter cookie.  Their task is to be inspired by performance art and serve desserts to a fans of the group Lucent Dossier.  They also have to make a show piece to describe their group as well as each making their own desserts.  Also, they’re supposed to use fire.

Heather is utterly incapable of making decisions on her own, though, so she pesters her team, and her insecurity is driving everyone crazy.  For their show piece, Zac’s team molds his face in chocolate.  Um, awesome.  Danielle also demonstrates her incompetence.  And her sourpuss face.

Heather C. is whining about ‘what she’s going through’ and how no one understands.  But hey, she didn’t have to come back.  I have no sympathy.

The teams struggle to put their show pieces together and plate their desserts as the guests start to come in.  There are like naked ladies and baton twirlers and fire swallowers as the chefs finish up.

It’s an impressive spread they put together.

Heather H., Morgan, and Eric are the winning team.  Heather’s chai torte was exotic, but Morgan wins!  His team is pissed, though, because he only worked on one dessert, whereas the rest of them worked on more than one.  Morgan’s right that she offered to do the show piece.  Anger and bitterness doesn’t suit her.

The judges are pissed Yigit’s team because they didn’t actually use fire at their station.

Malika goes in front of judges’ table and asks to be eliminated.  She says she enjoyed the challenge, but she wants to go be with her kids.  My reply?  Phhhbbbbttttttt.  Such divas, these pastry chefs.


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