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Laying the Smackdown: ANTM (S15: E5)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 7, 2010

Lexie holds it together on the conveyer belt runway

Ann won best photo last week for the third time in a row.  Models are piiiiiiiiissed.  Sorry ladies, she’s the best right now.  Kacey tries to smooth over her problematic relations in the house, so she creates an ice breaker to get to know the girls even better.  The producers must be going crazy, because this allows the girls to tell all their teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, homeless shelter sob stories.

Sorry, I was looking at Facebook during that.  Turns out, my friends are excited about the Halloween mac and cheese I encountered at the grocery store.  I also bought a bag of candy corn to ship to my pumpkin in China.

But I’m eating it right now.


Ok, back to business.  The girls have to do a runway show with the awkward male models of last week.  But the runway is a conveyor belt, and they have to wear heels while the male models rock sneakers.  Ah, gender roles, how I love thee.

As the runway show starts, the girls realize the conveyor belt is fast, so they look like cartoons falling all over themselves as they screw up.  It’s hilarious.  If I were that designer, I’d be snipping my name out of the tags of every single one of those dresses.  Chelsey, in particular, was an utter embarrassment.  There’s no way Tyra could have thought this was a good idea.  Every single one of these girls is horrible.  This is comedic gold.  I can only hope that Tyra is in the back with her friends getting a good laugh, as this runway show is not good for selling clothes.  Lexie was the only one who didn’t epically fail.  Kacey actually wins the challenge even though Lexie was better.  Can we stop encouraging her?

Another screaming fight breaks out in the house, Kacey v. Liz, while I busy myself with my candy corn.

Photoshoot time!  They’re at Lucha Va Voom, Mexican wrestling.  They’ll be posing opposite wrestler in editorial fashion.  Tyra gets crazier every week.  These girls look like drag queens.  Liz and Jane really can’t get into it  Ann also struggles, which leads to a breakdown.  It seems that it’s difficult to massively crash from the top to bottom.

Time for Tyra and the judges to lay the smackdown on the wannabes at panel.  None of the girls have brought ‘domination’ to their photos.

And yet, the judges love Ann’s picture.  I think it’s creepy and terrifying.  The judges really need to stop this.  There’s no way Ann is this perfect.  And this picture is sooooo weird.

Ann's AWKWARD picture

Chris also rocked the picture.

Chris jumps for joy at her great shot--the real best picture of the week

Kacey didn’t get a great shot.

Kacey's predictable pic

Jane has yet to take a great shot.

Plain Jane

This weeks best picture goes to Ann AGAIN.  Blargh.  If I actually thought Ann was taking the best pictures, I’d be cheering her on.

Chris gets runner-up.

Lexie and Jane are in the bottom two.  Jane gets to stay, which is shocking because she has gotten almost no camera time at all this season.

Lexie's losing picture

Kacey must be stoked.


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