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Brothers and Sisters Season Five Starts…

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 10, 2010

…well it actually started a few weeks ago.  I wasn’t going to watch, but I have been.  I guess we’ll just see how it wraps up.

Season five flash-forwarded one year after the horrific car accident.  Here’s what happened during that year, courtesy of

• Kevin has taken to working pro bono cases while using Saul and Scotty’s restaurant as an office. He threw himself into his work after Michelle lost their baby.

• Sarah is about to close a $55 million dollar deal to sell Narrow Lake. The recession hit Luc’s art sales hard, but he was able to find work as an underwear model.

• Holly’s had memory issues since the accident and doesn’t know that she and Nora are now friends.

• Nora took a job in a flower shop to make ends meet now that there’s no Ojai money coming in. Nora also struggles with the fact that her harsh words may have sent Justin running off to war.

• Justin has been serving overseas for the past year, but returns home. He hopes to patch things up with Rebecca, but she’s already cleared her things out of their apartment.

• Kitty is offered a high profile job by the Republican National Committee. Accepting it would mean time away from Robert. Robert’s been on life support for the past year. Kitty isn’t ready to say goodbye.

Apparently Robert has died.  Must have happened in episode one this season, which I didn’t watch.

Last week, Kitty struggled to find a new house.  Luc took Paige to a party for his underwear modeling job, where she gets drunk.  (Wait, isn’t she like 12?  Stop screwing up the timeline, ABC.)  The kids think Nora is a lesbian because she’s been accepting strange phone calls, but as it turns out, she just hadn’t told them that she got a job at a flower shop.  Justin has been visiting Holly to help her get her memory back, but he still hasn’t seen Rebecca.

This week, Sarah is celebrating a big birthday birthday, but she lied and told Luc she was turning 40.  (I thought she was turning 50, but as Nora made very clear on this episode, she is 63.  Which would mean that Nora had Sarah when she was 13.  My googling could not turn up whether she was actually turning 50, but I could have sworn she said that…)  Anyway, turns out Luc knew all along Sarah was older. At her birthday dinner, Justin drops the bomb that he and Rebecca are actually divorced.  She filed the papers while he was in Afghanistan.

Kitty starts hitting on a hot plumber in her new house in Ojai.  She invites him to dinner, but ruins the souffle.  Rebecca comes by to see Justin, but it’s a fraught and awkward encounter, and she dashes off quickly.  She also visits Holly, but Holly doesn’t remember that Rebecca’s her daughter.  (This storyline is stupid.  No one liked Holly enough to care about her memory.)  In her desperation, Rebecca flees back to Justin.  She wails that she can’t trust him, he says he’s changed, they get all smoochy, we’ve seen this scene a million times.

Holly disappears in the last minute of the episode.

All in all, this season has been as bad as I was expecting it to be.  But it’s still not great.



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  1. my mom would always frequently visit flower shops because she loves fresh flowers on our house ;..

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