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“Subway Wars”: HIMYM (S6: E4)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 12, 2010

Racing to see Woody Allen

Wow.  This episode rocked.  My faith in this show is returning.  Also, this episode brought to you by the search engine Bing.  Talk about annoying product placement.

Plot Summary: The gang teases Robin about not being a real New Yorker.  They have a race via all of NYC’s transportation to see who can get to a restaurant first to see Woody Allen, the ultimate New Yorker.  Marshall and Lily are struggling to get pregnant.

What we Learn about Mom: Nothing.  But it’s ok.

Best Moment: Whenever one of the gang winds up in trouble on their transportation method of choice, they grab their cell phones and say “I need help!”  And up rolls Ranjit with a car.  RANJIT!!!!  YAY!  Every time the gang gives him directions, he repeats them back.  When Barney says, “Step on it.”  He repeats, “Stepping on it.”

Top 3 Quotes:

1) Barney tells the gang at MacLaren’s, “I can’t stop looking at that girl’s face.”  Ted replies, “Face?  That’s the weirdest nickname for boobs yet.”

2) Robin asserts she is a true New Yorker by saying, “It’s not like I just got off a boat.”  Lily cracks up.  “Hah, boat.  Oh wait.  That is how you say it.”  (Cuz Canadians say stuff funny…)

3) Marshall‘s preferred method of transportation through New York City is his own feet.  He attempts to run the 7 miles to the restaurant while a theme song “Marshall vs. the Machines” plays in the background.  As he races past a granny on a scooter, he shouts, “Suck it, Gran-bot!”

4) Bonus: Maury Povich wanders throughout the episode stealing Robin’s cab, sitting next to her on the subway, and then gets confused for Woody Allen when they finally get to the restaurant.

Oh, and Barney is nice and lets Robin win the subway wars by tackling Ted by the finish line.


2 Responses to ““Subway Wars”: HIMYM (S6: E4)”

  1. Mr. Feeny said

    This really was a classic HIMYM episode. Very enjoyable. Never ha-ha funny, because that’s not their style. But the type of episode that makes you smile throughout.

    And I’m often one to complain about product placement (see my rant about “Gary Unmarried” and KFC last year), but I thought the Bing wasn’t that annoying. It was obvious, but also made sense to me. It’s like Jack Bauer using a Sprint phone. Although it is a little more awkward in a sitcom when the whole screen is taken up by it.

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