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Glum Review: “Duets” (S2:E4)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on October 13, 2010

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that I don’t care for Glee. Every episode I watch, my complaints far outweigh my compliments. And frankly, we don’t need more Gleeks in the world, blindly obsessed with a show because it’s pretty and fun and paying no attention to whether it’s actually well-written, acted or conceived. Instead, the internet needs someone who watches Glee as religiously as the Gleeks, but can look at it through a critical eye. It’s a “keep your enemies closer” type of thing. A lot of people criticize the show but have never actually seen it. I figure by watching every episode, I have standing in complaining about it. Like Vote for the Worst for American Idol.

So here it is. My new weekly feature: “The Glum Review.” Unlike my other posts, I’m going to do this one train-of-though throughout the episode. Best way to not miss an inane moment.


Wow. Right off the bat a classic “we need to move this story along so we’re introducing a plot development out of nowhere” moment. It’s almost like an episode of Family Guy in that respect. Create whatever crazy circumstances you need to tell the story you want. There was never any indication that Puck engaged in criminal activity, let alone driving a car through a convenience store and stealing an ATM. What? Where in the world did that come from? Sure, he’s a bad boy, but criminal? Oh right, we need that other football player to join Glee Club. Because we can’t have 3 of those. And certainly New Directions can’t have more than 12 members. That would be craaaaaazy. Because Vocal Adrenaline only has about 30. (-1)

*wait, I just remembered. New Directions only had 11 members with Puck. So they brought Sam in to make 11 again. Didn’t they need him to qualify with 12? Aren’t they still under the minimum? I know, I know. That attention to detail is the kind of stuff that could get me killed.

I’m sure some Gleeks talk about things that didn’t like. So I might as well mention things I do about the episode. Like Brittany. Thank goodness for her humor. “What’s a duet?” She responds, “A blanket.” That type of “out of nowhere” fits her personality. The combination of her and Santana makes me chuckle as well. (+1)

Kurt going after another presumably straight guy. He sure stays grounded. Oh right, he defies gravity. I did like the “Singing in the Rain” reference. Although the song “Make ’em Laugh” was not a duet. It was just Donald O’Connor singing, not with Gene Kelly. But why would Kurt, who mocks Sam for not knowing the musical, know that? So easy to double check. (-1)

It’s nice that this week’s theme actually is a little more naturally conceived. Unlike an episode with songs about “Home” or “Hello,” duets actually say something about working together and relationships, as Mr. Schuester pointed out. (+1)

Finally Finn says what I’ve been thinking for a year. Kurt is ridiculous for not accepting that he and Finn can not be together. No boys means no boys. And then his dad piles on too. Kurt would be the most annoying character on the show if not for Rachel. While Kurt’s dad is the most genuine and likable. (+1)

I love how Rachel, Finn and the band know “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” within a day. But I guess that’s to be expected from any musical. Except one that pretends to be grounded in reality. Really nice rendition, though. Their voices mesh well. (+1)

Wow, Rachel JUST realized she’s selfish. Not when she was keeping the exchange student out of the the club a few weeks ago. I could believe her transition and maturity more if there was anything suggesting it before that scene. Some sign that she was slowly coming around. But Glee doesn’t have time for gradual developments. (-1)

I like Quinn’s transition, though, as ridiculous as her character was in the beginning. I wish she got more to do. (+1)

Mercedes and Santana did a great duet too. This could be the best music of the season. (see, I can say nice things too) (+1)

We’ll just chock the full costumes and choreography in Kurt’s number up to musical magic too. As a musical lover, I don’t mind this much. But I don’t understand why they keep switching between real and fake in terms of what’s possible. Stay in one medium. Like Chicago. Everything there was purposely staged. They cut the songs that only worked as a natural part of the story. (-1)

Why should Quinn be singing with Sam? How about because he’s the only possible partner left? (-1)

Wow. I love this episode’s music. “Sing, Sing, Sing” from A Chorus Line? Perfect. And with that choreography. Now maybe more people will know what I mean when I break out into that song at random times. And I love any episode that features two Broadway tunes. (+1)

I also like the storyline of Rachel and Finn trying to lose. They connive well together. And that duet, so disturbing. But well done. (+1)

Getting back to the Puck thing…since it’s duets, wouldn’t 12 singers have worked better? But they wanted Kurt to have a solo, which did make sense. But once again, the writers sacrifice realism (Puck in jail) for a singular moment.

This Artie/Brittany combination had a typical one-episode contrived romance feel. But Artie’s speech at the end and Brittany’s true remorse made it much better. (+1)

Why no Sue Sylvester? Disappointing. (-1)

Another great song to end it. This really was a very good episode, both for music and some dramatic elements and heartfelt moments. Dang it. In the words of Steve McCroskey from Airplane, I picked the wrong day to start Glum reviews. But I’m sure it will get back to it’s ridiculously overrated self next week, as it had been the first three episodes of this season. (+1)

For a weekly score, I’ll just add up my positive and negative comments.

Score: +4


2 Responses to “Glum Review: “Duets” (S2:E4)”

  1. CJ Cregg said

    LOVE this post. And yes, I agree that Brittany’s ‘blanket’ line was awesome. I also loved Rachel and Finn trying to throw it. Their nun/priest get up was HILARIOUS.

    I like the Glum review and I hope it sticks around!

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