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OMG Shoes: Top Chef Just Desserts (S1: E5)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 13, 2010

Souffle me

Uh oh, the Top Chef house is getting cliquey!  As if it would be any other way with these divas.

For their quickfire, the cheftestants have to make a souffle, the hardest of the desserts.  They’re notoriously delicate and require perfect timing.  (The souffles, not the pastry chefs.  Although…)  Morgan thinks he’s gonna win.  Erika, Zac, and Heather H. made less than winning dishes.  Morgan was in the top, as was Yigit and Danielle (boooooo).  Yigit wins giving both Morgan and Danielle epic sourpuss faces.  I’ve never had a souffle.  But they don’t look that good.

Gail tells the pastry chefs that Bravo is throwing its own fashion week event.  They have to make edible fashion.  Gail then rolls in a table of shoes.  (Morgan admits to having a women’s shoe fetish.)  They get to pick a pair of shoes and then design edible fashion to go along with them.  (Zac makes fun of Danielle for picking a horrible pair of orange pumps.  Turns out, he’s also designed edible clothing before.  Weird.)  In addition to the outfit, they have to make two couture petit-fours.

Zac decides to go “full on S&M” to match his hooker/dominatrix shoes and is doing a whip theme using licorice.  Heh.  Zac claims that making a chocolate dress in 8 hours is “bananas.”  The cameraman zooms in on a bunch of bananas on the table.  Clever, guys.

But oh!  There’s a twist.  The winner gets 20k.  Good twist, Bravo.

Morgan is a huge tool.  As Heather H notes, he degrades women by calling them ‘babe’ and ‘honey’ all the time.  He’s disgusting.

Two elimination wins in a row

Eric is having a really difficult time trying to fit cookies onto a dress.  It looks really horrible.

Heather C’s dress looks like a salad.  I guess they didn’t say it had to be a dessert, but I thought that was kind of implied.

Most of the chefs made petit-fours that look like accessories.  Except for Zac, who made passion fruit pasties to go with his burlesque warrior.  Morgan’s “red hot” desserts were a hit with the judges.

Yigit, Zac, and Morgan are in the top.  They delivered the hautest couture, apparently.  Pasties notwithstanding.  Morgan wins.  Blech.  Do we have to keep encouraging his chauvinistic tendencies?

Heather C, Eric, and Danielle are in the bottom for making salads and ugly stuff.  The judges noticed, as I suspected they would, that lettuce, beets, and celery are not pastries.  Gail suggests that Eric’s dress looked like something a “cavewoman after the hunt” would wear.

But ultimately, Heather created the biggest fashion disaster, so she is sent packing (again).

Thank you, judges.  Cuz this is a show about DESSERTS.  And vegetables are nowhere close to desserts.  In fact, desserts are good.  And vegetables are not.  They are green and disgusting.

OK.  I’m done.



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