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“Strangers on a Treadmill” (Modern Family – S2:E4)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on October 13, 2010

Plot Summary: Claire is worried about Phil making a mockery of himself at a banquet, while Mitchell is worried about Cam wearing revealing bike shorts. They agree to tell each other’s significant other the problem. Meanwhile, Jay tries to connect with his workers and Haley coaches her sister on becoming popular.

Best Moment: What I really liked about this episode was how the writers captured all the little unspoken things couples do. The fact that Cameron can get so offended by a look or a single word from Mitchell, because he interprets more. Claire’s laugh to humor Phil while her eyes show the opposite. Gloria’s nudging and guilting. Or even Alex’s accidental “love you” to end a phone call. This show knows how to do family comedy, that’s for sure.

Problem: This isn’t a usual part of my Modern Family recaps, but this was not a very good episode. It seemed disjointed and less humorous than usual. Also, forced. The writers have said they wanted to try and create new character pairings this season. Here, they tackled two. Mitchell and Phil, Cameron and Claire. But I wasn’t buying their interactions. It was too on the nose. And it felt like this wasn’t just the first time we were seeing them together, but also the first time they ever have been.

MVFM: Claire

Top 3 Jokes/Gags:

1) Let me just recap Alex’s phone conversation to her friend who she’s trying to impress, with Haley’s guidance. The girl invited her to a party. Alex: “Haley, I’ve got this..’.Hey…who’s this?'” Haley: “Brilliant.” Alex: “No I didn’t see it. I get a lot of texts.” Haley (fighting back tears): “Ohh, I have a sister.” Alex: “When’s the party? I’ll try and come. You know I’m kind of busy. With a life…you know, stuff. Homework.” Haley: “Uh oh.” Alex: “I mean, not homework.  It’s not work if you love it.” Haley: “Hang up, hang up.” Alex: “Shut up! Not you MacKenzie!” Haley: “Drop the phone and kick it over here!” Alex: “Um, I have to go. I’ll call you later, or you call me later. Love you!” (She hangs up and both girls start screaming in terror).

2) Cam tells Mitchell he can make it up to him by doing his shoulders. He turns around for a back rub. Mitchell pulls out the razor and shaving cream. Oops.

3) Gloria: “You don’t know anyone’s name here.” Jay: “Are you kidding me? Carlos!” (Carlos waves) Gloria: “Lucky guess.” Jay (to camera): “I”m lucky only one turned around.”


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