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Rodeo Drive: ANTM (S15: E6)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 14, 2010

We’re down to 9!  But only one will grace the cover of Italian Vogue.  Duh duh duuuuuuh.

The girls are put in teams to write some stuff and show off some CoverGirl products.  They roll up to Walmart.  (How Italian Vogue, right?)  They have to be personable and authentic as they demo some new makeup.  Ann pretty much tanks because she’s uncomfortable around people.  Which gives Chelsey the opportunity to talk trash.  This is boring.  Chris is Ms. Interruption.  She talks over Chelsey half the time.

The girls then have to sit and watch while Nigel interviews the crowd about how they did.  As expected, Ann pretty much didn’t register with the crowd.  She got the lowest score of any of the models.  The winner is Kacey, and her group wins a shopping spree in the CoverGirl aisle of Walmart.  Woohooo.  Liz says Kacey was fake.  She did look beautiful, but I’m so over her.

Boring challenge.

OK, Tyra.  What else ya got?

They girls get trucked out to Rodeo drive.  (Which forgettable Kendal, who may have the least face time of any of the modelettes so far this season, pronounces Roh-dee-oh.  Good times.)  So apparently some famous people are taking their pictures.  No one I’ve heard of.  Patrick Demarchelier.  Or something.  God no.  Make Tyra stop pretending to speak French.  WE MUSTN’T ENCOURAGE HER!  NO MORE FRENCH PHOTOGRAPHERS!  Our model wannabes will be paired up with another girl and a male model and they’ll be sauntering down the walk of fame.  They draw a pretty good crowd of onlookers gaping at Tyra.

Kacey fell flat.

Huh? What?

Chelsey totally psyched herself out because she got paired up with Ann.

Ann and Chelsey

Kendal totally rocked it.

Chris also did really well.  (“I’m no diva.  [pause. adorable smile] But today I felt like one.”  She’s cute, but she’s not going to win.)

Chris and her boo

They’ve taken to showing these ‘backstage, pre-panel’ shots of Tyra and the judges before the elimination.  Anyone else think that they just prove the suspicion that Tyra is drunk all the time?

Kendal and Liz got a good shot.

Liz and Kendal, Kendal and Liz

Esther took over her shot with Kayla.

Esther eclipses Kayla

Jane finally got her great shot.  She blew Kacey out of the water.

Kacey's all huh? what?

Despite Chelsey’s concerns, she and Ann got a good picture.

Chris’s picture was cute, but not editorial.

Ann won best picture for the 5th week in a row.  Yah.  This is boring.

I'm still not convinced she's actually going to win

Runner up for best photo is Jane.  About time she started to take good pictures.

Same with Kendal, who gets called next.

Kayla and Kacey are in the bottom two.  I would have thought both of them would stick around longer.  Kayla gets to stay, meaning that Kacey gets sent home, despite her challenge win.  And hey, she’s gooooooooooone!  But she’s bawling so hard that I almost [read: almost] feel bad for her.


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