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Well, Brothers and Sisters sucked tonight…

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 17, 2010

Another Sunday night home, another episode of Brothers and Sisters.  I said I wasn’t going to watch, and here I go again.

Justecca slept together and now it’s awkward.

Kitty is building a pergola (are they ever gonna tell us what that is?) with Jack.  (Upon further observation it seems to be a gazebo of some sort.)  She starts babbling about how he should sell his furniture in warehouses in New York, which pisses him off.  But apparently not too much because he grabs her and kisses her.  She freaks out and starts babbling again while being a total weirdo.  Can’t we bring back that nice dad from last season?  This guy is a total hambone.

Sarah is making the costumes for Cooper’s school play.  Wow, Cooper’s still around?  We haven’t seen him in forever.  But Sarah has to suck up to awful snooty parents to try to get him into a private school.  Which I’m sure she can afford because, oh wait, what does she do now?  But when Cooper quits the play because he doesn’t want to kiss a girl, Sarah flies off the handle and once again Luc gets to be the good parent while she seems irrational.

Holly wandered off in the middle of the night last episode and she shows up this afternoon at Nora’s house looking for William.  (Where was she in the interim?)  This is absurd.  She whines about how she can’t go on living like this, and Nora is convinced she’s going to commit suicide and starts screaming at her.  Instead, Holly rationally asks to be taken to the hospital.  This whole story line blows my mind.  Seriously this is so bad.  Holly keeps telling Rebecca that she knows she’s her daughter, but that she doesn’t feel anything for her.  Who would say that?  Especially cuz she seems so rational in all the other scenes.  When she and Holly are reminiscing, Holly says, “If I told you all that, I really must have loved you.  But why don’t I feel anything now?”  Cue Rebecca’s tears.  What the heck?  What a horrible line.

While at the hospital, Rebecca tells Nora that she sent her photography portfolio away and she got offered a job in New York City.  (This is the most absurd part of the storyline.  Magazines aren’t hiring in this economy!) Then she tells Justin.  Who runs crying to Nora.

Sidenote.  What does Justin do now that he’s back from Afghanistan?  What happened to Haiti?  Or, you know, med school?  Did he finally succeed in flunking out?  (My sister says that’s really hard to do.)

But hey, Rebecca’s gone for good.  And you know how I felt about her.


3 Responses to “Well, Brothers and Sisters sucked tonight…”

  1. Mr. Feeny said

    Thank you for writing these recaps. They’re so detailed and snarky that I feel no need to actually watch the episode myself. You’re taking one for the team! Though you didn’t mention what happened to Kevin and Scotty. I’m going to take some wild guesses.

    1) Sarah gets Kevin involved in the play, either because of the costumes, the direction, or needing litigation for forcing her son to kiss someone.

    2) Justin confers with Kevin about the easiest way to undo a divorce

    3) Kevin and Scotty deal with that annoying trouble-making kid who’s clearly going to become their foster child.

    4) Kevin is seen only as a confidant on the other end of the telephone while Scotty passes by and makes a wisecrack about his family.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all four were true.

  2. CJ Cregg said

    Haha. You’re close. Except not really.
    Number 1 is true. Kevin and Scotty do jump on board to work on the play. But so does Saul and Saul’s new partner. Kevin and Scotty push Saul to tell his partner that he’s HIV positive, but when he does, the partner (played by the dad from Seventh Heaven incidentally) decides to leave.

    Kevin does call people. SO number 4 is true, too. Kevin is starting to have less and less of a role on this show, isn’t he?

    No mention of that kid. I was with you that he was totally going to become a foster child, but we haven’t seen or heard about this kid in 2 weeks now. Poor storytelling, ABC.

    • Mr. Feeny said

      Darn. Now I’ll have to watch the episode. I like that actor. Remember, I told you in the “No Ordinary Family” comments that he was going to be busy this season.

      Two episodes ago, I laughed out loud when Nora said about Justin’s divorce “he did all he could do.” That can’t possibly true. 12 months ago, they were getting along just fine. Now they’re divorced and can’t talk to each other? Poor storytelling, indeed.

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