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Black and White: Top Chef Just Desserts (S1: E6)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 20, 2010

The black and white cookie is my fave black and white dessert. Reminds me of New York City.

When our p-chefs (pastry chefs) walk in to learn about their quickfire, they find a bunch of savory items like bacon and veggies.  They have to make a savory dessert in one pot!  Which they can wash as many times as they want cuz they have some Dawn product sponsoring them.

I’m getting really sick of Heather’s whining.  I agree that Morgan is despicable, but Heather really isn’t a very good person either.  She’s vicious.

Zac made a beet cake with goat cheese cream.  Sounds horrible.  Absolutely horrible.

Danielle made a salad.  Come on.

Why is everyone using beets?

Danielle winds up in the bottom because she didn’t make a dessert.  (Once again, the judges notice that salads are not desserts.  Very perceptive, guys.)  Eric and Heather were also in the bottom.

Morgan is in the top for his risotto.  So is Zac and Yigit.  Zac’s cake wins.  And I shudder.  Cuz it sounds disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

While Gail makes her rounds, Heather sulks and holds an ice pack to her lip since Morgan apparently elbowed her.

Gail then tells Zac that he can trade his immunity for $5,000.  Despite an insane amount of waffling, he decides to take the moniez.

I'm so over Heather

What an interesting twist.

The LA Times is celebrating their 128th birthday.  The chefs have to cater the party with only black and white desserts.  Like a newspaper headline.  (What’s black and white and…ate all over?)  Danielle flips out because lots of creepy foods are white, like mayonnaise.  I agree that mayo is gross, but I’m not sure it warrants her high-pitched scream.  Here’s to hoping we send sour-puss-face home.  Zac is starting to second guess his decision to sell his immunity.  Danielle is being literal and making 3 desserts in the shape of a 1, 2, and 8.  How stupid.  Zac is deep-frying whoopie pies.  Sign. Me. Up.

Heather’s dessert is decidedly brown.  She’s also convinced that Morgan stole her rice krispie treats.  OK.  All of these desserts are brown.  There aren’t any that are actually just black and white.  Since when does brown qualify as black or white?  It’s not even what happens when you mix black and white!  (Have none of these pastry chefs heard of food coloring?  Do they not make black food coloring?)  Zac’s deep fried whoopie pies actually look kind of nasty.  Eric’s Mississippi mudcake looks awesome.  Not black.  But awesome.

Heather, Erika, and Danielle are in the bottom three.  (Gail called them first–psych!)  Erika’s ice cream apparently tasted like soap.  Danielle’s dessert didn’t taste like much at all.  While the ladies are getting grilled, the men start second guessing themselves and whining about how they thought their desserts were good.  But the men are on top, and Yigit wins for his…I don’t even know what it was.  But it was brown, and not black.

Commercial break: Must. Have. Chocolate.  NO CHOCOLATE IN MY APARTMENT?  ARGHHHHHHHHHHH.  (See what you do to me, Bravo?)

Erika gets sent home for ice cream that tasted like glue.  WHY CAN’T WE GET RID OF DANIELLE?  She sucks!


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