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Fashion Icons: ANTM (S15: E7)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 21, 2010

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am

The girls rejoice in the limo that Kacey is gone!  I feel their joy.

Esther is struggling to keep kosher in the house.  Power to her.

The girls roll up to the Grammy museum.  They learn that one of them will get to be a Grammy girl, who gets to hand out awards at the event.  They each have a partner and have to dress them for the audition.  Some of the girls listen to what their partners want to wear, and others do a little freestyling.  Chelsey cries because Ann has selected a size 12 for her to wear.  BAHAHAHAHAHA.  There’s a Jedi mind trick designed for a modeling competition.  Except no, I think Ann’s really just that dense.

Turns out, half of these girls have never watched the Grammys.  Kendal and Chris look pretty slutty.  Chelsey definitely looks a fool in her size 12.  Mr. Jay wonders if Kendal sabotaged Chris because she put her in such a slutty dress.  Heh.  Ann looks awesome, but she’s too tall and she’s gonna make Kanye look short on stage!  Oh no!  Kayla and Liz are the winning team, but only one gets to be a Grammy girl.  Kayla wins.  Anyone else think that she’s going to take too much attention away from the stars with her flaming hair?

Liz is sad she didn’t win, so she gets drunk.

Good solution to all of life’s problems, really.

For their challenge, each girl has to portray an iconic fashion designer.  They totally did this one on Australia’s Next Top Model.  I know because I watched it in China this summer.

They have to understand their designers’ personalities and their fashions.  Most of the models know nothing about these designers, and Liz of course has excuses aplenty.  She looks more like Johnny Depp than John Galliano, if you ask me, but Mr. Jay says it was her best shoot.

Chris was pretty awesome as Betsey Johnson, too.


Kendal couldn’t quite figure out how to do Vera Wang.  She’s totally going home this week.

Jane. Looks. Hilarious. as Marc Jacobs.  She has no idea how to play a man.


Ann got Alexander Wang. Slouchy. Boyish. Done.


Tyra’s skull and crossbones logo flashes through the house, warning the girls of an imminent elimination.  How optimistic and cheery Tyra is.

Tyra tells Liz (in her drunken elimination stupor) that she has the gift of androgyny.  Would that we were all that lucky, I guess.

Tyra goes after Jane for not portraying Marc Jacobs, which doesn’t seem fair to me because she’s certainly not the only one who didn’t know who they were supposed to portray.

Kendal’s shot is horrible, as expected.

Ann’s shot creeps me out.  Her eyes are piercing into my soul.




If Ann wins best picture for the 6th week in a row, I’m done.  Not watching anymore.  Take that, Tyra.

Liz gets best picture this week, and Ann ain’t havin’ any of it.  OK, Tyra.  I guess I can keep watching.

Really? This is the top picture, Tyra?

Esther and Kendal wind up in the bottom.  (CALLED IT!)

Tyra tells Esther she only has one look.  And the top model has to be a kah-million.  I think she means chameleon.  But it’s Tyra.  So who knows.  She tells Kendal she doesn’t have the skills (OHH SNAPP!)

Esther gets to stay.  Duh.  We knew that was coming.

Kendal doesn't do Vera


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