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“Call Mom”: Brothers and Sisters (S6: E5)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 24, 2010

In too deep?

Is it just me or are the body shots of Luc getting even more gratuitous?

Turns out, everyone’s kinda busy.  Except for Kitty and Jack.  And Sarah.  And Justin who doesn’t seem to do anything.  But Scotty and Kevin are struggling to connect, and Luc is running all over for his modeling career.

Nora heads to the radio station to audition for a show called “Dear Mom” only to find out she has to audition against a famous Dr. Mom.  How weird.  It’s a radio mom smackdown.  Nora calls Kevin (who just randomly shows up at the radio station to calm her down.  Does he not have to work during the day?)  Nora totally sucks it up.  While Kevin awkwardly lingers at the radio station.  Turns out she’s intimidated by Dr. Mom.  But then, during the commercial break, Kevin gives her a pep talk about how experience is more important than a PhD.  Kitty calls in and Nora jumps in as Mother of the Year telling her that it’s time to move on, and if she wants to be with Jack, she’ll know when it’s time to move on.

Nora gets the job because the board “loved the way she talked to the callers as if they were her children.”  Hah.  They were her children.  This was a sweet moment of the family uniting to support their mom.  Moments like these are fleeting in these last few seasons.

Justin struggles to deal with Rebecca and the divorce, he crashes Kitty’s sex party with Jack.  He meets a cute girl at a roadside stand who tells him to move on.  And asks him to go to a bar later. (Is finding someone else always the best way to move on?)

When Kitty and Jack start getting hot and heavy, she realizes she isn’t ready.  She decides she has to go home.  What a random turn of events.  Jack follows her home to Nora’s house.  She learns that he is a disillusioned investment banker, so that maybe “they’re not as different” as she thought they were.  An i-banker?  Really?  At this point, she’s talked to Nora, so she realizes she is ready, I guess.

Sarah becomes convinced that Luc is cheating, so she crashes his meeting with a photographer.  With Scotty in tow.  WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE DOING ALL DAY OTHER THAN NOT WORKING!?!?!  Luc decides he’s wandered too far afield of his dreams, and vows to return to painting and not modeling.  He proposes to Sarah with a huge ring he got with all of his modeling earnings.

Turns out, the reason that Kevin and Scotty are struggling is because Scotty cheated a few months back.

So, basically, everyone in the family realized they were afraid of their dreams and of moving forward.  They realized this, move on, and get all smoochy.  Except for Kevin and Scotty who are destined for tough times ahead.

This show is way too random.  The writers/producers don’t build storylines and sustain them.  For example, what happened to random foster kid from 3 episodes ago?  Blech.


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