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Dessert Wars: Top Chef Just Desserts (S1: E7)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 27, 2010

Winners of quickfires no longer receive immunity.  Yah.  It’s that point of the season.  For the challenge, our pastry chefs have to participate in a relay race testing their pastry skills.  They have to

Sampling the desserts

whip eggs, stretch strudel dough, make buttercream roses and all sorts of stuff that merry pastry chefs do.  (Absolutely none of which are things that I can actually do.)  Each person on the team is assigned a task.  Team Diva of Heather, Zac, and Yigit end up winning.  But they’re starting to annoy me.  Never thought I’d be rooting for Danielle and Morgan and Eric.

Restaurant, er… dessert, wars time!  Each team will try to create the ultimate dessert shoppe experience.  (Dessert shoppes deserve the old-timey spelling of ‘shoppe.’)  They each have to make 3 desserts and include a bread item.  How will they make their bakeries stand out?  Oh, and how will they ensure that they win the 30,000 dollars?  (Bravo has seriously never heard of the recession have they?)

Danielle and Morgan are already bumping heads.  I have, sadly, very little faith in their team.  But I’m really disliking Heather these days and I’m really sick of “Team Diva”, so I’m not sure whose side I’m on.  Bravo, WHYYYYY?  Why do you conflict me so?  During prep, the Morganmonster comes out in force when he realizes that SOMEONE STOLE HIS LEMONS!  GASP!  He’s keeping that guy whose job it is to bleep out the F-bombs very busy tonight.  (Shout out to the f-bomb bleeper guy!)

This is insane.  Both teams are running around like crazy.  Both teams have realized that Morgan and Heather are not nice people and that they should be in the kitchen and not out on the floor.  Smart move, guys.  Team Diva named their restaurant Pastry Playland.  Barf.  Also, stupid.  Yigit’s desserts have not earned rave reviews.  Heather’s desserts have fingerprints!  Noooo!  The judges also figure out that Team Diva used the same dough for all of their pastries.  Which is not good, and is undercooked.

Apparently not too simple if done well

The judges like the look of Whisk Me Away, the other team’s restaurant, but they aren’t sold on Danielle’s low-energy persona.  Me neither, guys, me neither.  Eric made a chocolate chip cookie for one of his dishes.  Quite simple, eh?  Danielle made her own ginger ale and served it with a sorbet float.  Yum.  Morgan’s pretzel stick looked, well, phallic.  But his fried lemon pie was a winner.

After seeing the judges initial reaction, it seems like Whisk Me Away might have the upper hand.  Might Team Diva finally get broken up?  (PLEEEEEEASE?)

I know, I know.  I’m never satisfied.  And I can’t figure out who I like and who I don’t like.

The winning pastry shoppe is WHISK ME AWAY!  Team Diva has lost.  Long live the underdog!

Heather just didn’t measure up tonight.  She is packing her tools and going home.  She’s not sure that she really deserves to go home.  Of course she’s not.  But hey.  ONE OF MY LEAST FAVE PEEPS IS GONE!  But sadly, Danielle-sourpuss-face and Morganmonster are still at large.  Which means that we should not sleep soundly tonight.

Or something.


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