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Glum Review: “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” (S2:E5)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on October 27, 2010

After a fairly positive debut for the Glum Review, I’m worried this one will be another Pollyanna outing. An entire episode about doing a musical? That’s what I want Glee to be about every episode. We’ll have to see how well it’s integrated, though. And I’ll have to look past my not-too-keen feelings on The Rocky Horror Show.


I like that right off the bat they’re committing to a change of style. The movie-like opening is reminiscent of “One More, With Feeling” from Buffy, though certainly not as good. But they’re clearly showing this is not you’re normal episode of Glee. Excellent. [+1]

Which kid was that singing the opening? It definitely wasn’t Rachel. I initially thought Quinn, but it started to sound a bit like Mercedes toward the end.

There’s an immediate reason this one be as good as “OMWF.” They’re recreating a musical. Just like the Madonna or Brittany tributes. They’re not going to make the show their own (besides fitting it into 42 minutes). They’ll just be copying the movie. I much prefer Joss Whedon’s originality.

I’m already starting a campaign for regular musical-only episodes. If they can do tribute episodes, why not tributes to musicals? I know Rocky Horror is only used because of its cult, off-color nature. But I’d love to see more of this. You know, students performing on stage like they’re supposed to.

So much for a different type of episode. Back to the regular format. That’s not a bad thing, though. This is their show, they should work gimmicks around it.

“He’s actually making her better.” — Here we go again. Let’s not just say Emma’s weird. Let’s say she’s wrong. She’s a problem that needs fixing. She’s damaged goods until Carl makes her “better.” So offensive. But nothing new with their handling of her character. [-1]

Nice shout out to all the Rocky Horror weirdos who love those midnight showings. It would have been weird to not include them in this since they made the musical so popular. They continued with that theme with some inside jokes along the way, like throwing toast. [+1]

Good job by the writers to not let Will’s transparent ploy go over her head. She knew immediately what he was up to and high-tailed it out of there. And great delivery by Matthew Morrison. I could feel the pain inside his smile when he talked about it being his favorite musical. [+1]

But, for the record, it’s still highly unbelievable that anything could make Emma not only tolerate but love “Rocky Horror.” Impossible. [-1]

Dammit, Murphy. Just when I was getting excited about trashing Glee, you give me not only a musical episode, but also a musical episode that fits perfectly into the show’s stories. That’s why “OMWF” was so good. The episode was needed to keep the season moving. All in one scene, we have Will’s romantic pursuits, dealing with real life issues (the adult themes), raising money for the club (always a problem), and an overarching theme and life lesson (pushing boundaries/self expression). Plus you delve into character traits and desires. Well done. [+1]

But poor job — once again — in explaining why things are happening. Since when did Will direct the musical? And come up with it weeks before opening, and with no other show in preparation? And why wouldn’t the whole school get to audition? It’s just a glee club musical? And for that matter, isn’t there a choir at this school? I should deduct points for each question, but I”ll save the rest for other reviews. [-1]

I love that Quinn is as confused by the musical as I am. But no points because this is the fourth show in a week that’s mentioned “Inception.” Sure, it was a great movie. But do we have to use the most current references possible, TV writers? Way to date your work.

The lip-syncing has never been more obvious than in this episode. I think it’s the mix of dialogue in rhythm with the singing. Combined with the usual vocal modulations in editing, it’s a whole lot of fake. Why not just sing like you’re actually on stage? It’s like watching a silent movie with a piano player in the theatre. You know, like back when I was a youngster. [-1]

Here’s a special treat. Today’s “Suspension of Reality” combines with today’s “Blatant Inconsistency.” Not only is Emma apparently a huge fan of Rocky Horror (Completely ridiculous). She also has been forever, I guess. Since Will says no one knows the show better than her. And she says doing the costumes would be a dream come true. Didn’t Carl just get her to start liking it? [-1]

I’m hoping John Stamos’ “Sue! How do you do?” was a reference to Johnny Cash. Because it was awesome. [+1]

Also, Stamos is incredibly likable. Especially as the casual romantic rival of Morrison. And I’m glad they found a way for him to sing. Harkens back to his “Jesse and the Rippers” days. [+1]

“Sweet Transvestite.” Why was it that I hated this musical?

How could Carl feel his entrance belonged in that scene and not two later? I thought he memorized the whole show. He must have forgotten. [-1]

Since Carl’s a dentist, couldn’t they have done Little Shop of Horrors instead? That would have been more believable in every storyline. Such as a high school performing it and Emma liking it.

I like when the writers can seamlessly get Schuester to sing. And this is one of those moments. It made sense with his burning desire to impress Emma that he would suddenly jump up there to get shirtless. And again, she’s not buying it. [+1]

“Touch Me.” Best song of the episode. Because it worked as a natural scene, not just part of the musical. Britney and Santana as the chorus looking in, Emma and Will tempting each other’s feelings. Plus we get to hear from Jayma so rarely. But, the idea of Will needing this for rehearsal fell flat, since he didn’t sing at all in the song.  And it did start to get a little out of control. I don’t think either would let that happen. But it worked for this episode. [+1]

Why are they using scripts after their first and in another dress rehearsal? That would never be allowed. [-1]

I like how the whole episode is about nakedness and sexiness, since that was such a hot topic last week because of the magazine spread. Timely. Planned? I wouldn’t doubt it.

Thank God for Sue. “This play is terrible.” “I’m so bored I just fell into a microsleep.” “None of this is plausible!” “This show has incredible pacing problems.” I think she’s talking about Glee, not “Rocky Horror. [+1]

What exactly does Finn have to be embarrassed about looks-wise? [-1]

Great heart-to-heart with Sue and Will in the teacher’s lounge. She actually is an educator, not just a coach. Who knew? [+1]

Will’s speech about why he wanted to put on Rocky Horror, why it worked for the glee club, and why they can’t actually do it. I nodded my head the entire time. [+1]

So, what about the school musical? Is there just not going to be one this year? [-1]

They should do “Time Warp” at Regionals or Sectionals or which ever they decide to enter this season. Fun, unique, encorporates dance and highlights every performer. [+1]

Score: +3



2 Responses to “Glum Review: “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” (S2:E5)”

  1. CJ Cregg said

    Yes! I made my own glum review while watching this week, and you picked up on most of the things I noticed.

    Another -1 in my book: why would Will fall for Sue just wanting to be involved? She’s been a pain in his ass since day 1.

    The biggest one for me, though, was one you noticed: that one day they were doing the dress rehearsal and the next day they were back on script.

    I really don’t like Carl as a character. I think he sucks. What about the whole idea of having GROWN UPS in the school musical? That’s -2 in my book.

    Also, why would the Glee club decide to do a musical instead of, oh, I don’t know, practice for regionals/nationals?

    • Mr. Feeny said

      Excellent point about allowing a grown up in the musical. Really, the whole premise was so stupid I should have taken off another 2 points.

      Are they just going to skip Regionals/Sectionals this year? They keep talking about Nationals, as if that’s the next hurdle. Last year, they had to raise money to get to one of the earlier rounds. Maybe they’re hosting this year. Wouldn’t that be convenient.

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