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Skater Girls: ANTM (S15: E8)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 28, 2010

The girls are posin' for Posen

Ann has been dethroned for best picture of the week.  She feels a bit of pressure.  Liz is up on her high horse.  I don’t blame her.  That’s pretty awesome.

Ms. Jay shows up at the girls’ house.  Fashion show time.  They’ll be in a Zac Posen show.  (Um, he’s adorable.)  They’ll be working with other models (haven’t they already done that?)  Zac tells them it’s all about the attitude.  Chris tell us that Esther has no attitude, so she’s gonna suck.  Nice girl, that Chris.

While the wannabes are in hair and makeup, Ms. Jay meets with the professional models and tells them to be mean and try to shake the confidence of the modeltestants to see if they hold their composure.  Isn’t he afraid they’re gonna crack and embarrass Tyra?  This is HIGH-LARIOUS to watch.  These girls psych so easily.

Esther and Jane are not made for runway.  Ann actually surprisingly

Esther does NOT have a good walk

doesn’t suck as much as I would have expected her to suck.  But she was still pretty horrible.  If I were Zac Posen, I would have yanked Esther and Jane off the runway so fast.  I would NOT have let them go out again.  Chelsey wins.  She and Liz and Kayla were really the only ones passable as models.

Mr. Jay and Nigel wander into the house the next day.  (WTF, ladies?  Get your house a lock.  This is getting creepy.  Anyone can drop in.)  They have to do a commercial for H2T, a beauty water.  Very Italian Vogue, Tyra.  Also, they’ll be on roller skates kissing boys.  This sounds more CosmoGirl than Italian Vogue. We find out at panel, though, that this product is actually made up.  Weird, but I guess it’s important to make them do commercials before it actually matters.

Kayla throws a fit because she doesn’t feel comfortable kissing and flirting with boys because of a past experience of assault.  Now, I understand traumatic experiences don’t just go away.  And assault is always wrong.  But did she really think she’d be able to get through a career as A MODEL without having to interact closely with men?  And way to confirm the stereotype of lesbians as man haters.

These ladies LOOK SLUTTY.

Slutty, skating Jane at the commercial shoot

Esther was flat, Liz couldn’t keep it together, and Kayla actually didn’t suck.  Ann totally psychs herself out.  They even put pads on her because she’s falling all over the place so much.

Best part of the episode so far?  Montage of the models falling on roller skates.

Panel time!  Is Andre wearing a garbage bag?  My predic?  Esther’s headed home.

Yup, totally a garbage bag

Jane’s commercial was actually adorable.  Chris was really good too, if a bit cheesy.  Tyra liked Kayla’s commercial because she looked ‘urban’ which as best as I could tell, means she looked black.  They had to think of something nice to say about Esther, so they tell her they like her horrible, striped sailor shirt that just makes her boobs look even bigger.  Way to lie, panel, way to lie.

Who shot the best commercial?  Chris gets called first this week.  Liz sneaks by, too, which leaves Ann and Esther in the bottom two.  And since no way in heck are they sending Ann home, that means I have correctly predicted Esther as the one being eliminated this week.



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