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“An Ideal Husband”: Brothers and Sisters (S6: E6)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 31, 2010

The bomb has dropped.  Scotty cheated on Kevin, and their marriage is crumbling.  This is intense and has the feeling of old time Brothers

What is about him that makes Sarah act like a child? At any rate, Luc is the voice of reason.

and Sisters of the first few seasons.  Which is a good thing if you ask me.

Sarah has still not told anyone that she and Luc are officially engaged.

A charity event is approaching, and Luc insists Sarah wear the ring for everyone to see.  Scotty and Kevin can’t decide if they should go to the event together.  I smell Walker family blowup approaching.

Kitty and Jack are back in LA, and Jack is going back to corporate America for an i-banking job.   Jack gets a job that is sending him to Vietnam (cuz there’s lots of i-banking to be done there apparently?), and he wants Kitty and Evan (who we haven’t seen in several episodes) to come with him.  She’s actually considering it.  (Holy cow, the speed of their relationship is blowing my mind.  Last week she wasn’t ready to sleep with him.)  But he’s quickly turning into a blackberry-obsessed tool.  This snaps her back to reality, and they break up realizing each was only using the other in transition.  Wow.  I mean this is all way too fast.  They went from sleeping together to living together to moving across the world together to broken up in like 2 hours.

When Sarah and Nora show up to help Scotty set up for the charity event, Kevin blows up and tells them that Scotty cheated.  Nora and Sarah turn to drinking wine before noon, as the Walkers always do.  But hey, it’s a rose, so call it brunch.  But now that Scotty and Kevin’s marriage is falling apart, Sarah is getting cold feet about hers.  It’s totally unhealthy how much this pressure this family puts on the only surviving marriage they have, Kevin and Scotty’s.  They are flying off the handle about something that is a private issue between Kevin and Scotty.  But I guess that’s what the Walkers do.

At the charity event, the guy Scotty cheated with shows up.  Justin is the only one seeming to be on Scotty’s side, and he tells Scotty that Marcus is there, and helps him out.  (Flashbacks of Scotty cheating–not good storytelling, ABC.)  This guy is a total douchebag.  Marcus, not Justin or Scotty.  Well Scotty, too, for cheating.  Kevin is drunk and making a total ass of himself.  Punches are thrown.

When Kevin and Scotty finally face each other, it’s a scene so full of intensity and pain that I can’t look away. These guys are good actors.

Sarah and Luc make up, realizing that you have to work on love, and they tell the fam about their engagement.

And yet, despite it all, Saul and others continue to suggest that Kevin and Scotty are as close to perfect as a relationship can be.  This bothers me.  No relationship is perfect.  No relationship is even close to perfect.  Expecting it to be just sets you up for disappointment (this from your bitter, lonely, grad student blogger).  Nora’s speech on her radio show at the end is a better view of what marriage and a relationship is about.  Stop it with this perfect talk.

End of the episode: Kevin on the phone with Scotty.  Kevin says he isn’t ready to come home, but says he has to tell Scotty something.  Aaaaaaand, end scene.  What do you think it is?  Did Kevin cheat too?  Does he want a divorce?  Is he just going to say he forgives Scotty?  I HAVE TO KNOW.

OK, ABC.  You have sucked me back in.  And this season (despite massive flaws) is turning out better than the last one, I think.


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