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Frank and Jed

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 31, 2010

Selleck as Reagan

So, I love Blue Bloods on CBS.  It’s a great crime drama with an awesome family twist set in the best city in the world.  I love this family more than the Walker family (of Brothers and Sisters) as of late.  Although the Walker family of the first three seasons might still give the crime-fighting Reagans a run for their money.

But I don’t really want to talk about Brothers and Sisters right now.  I want to talk about the West Wing.  (Stop rolling your eyes, friends.  I know I always want to talk about the West Wing, but I’m being serious now.)

So, what do the West Wing and Blue Bloods have in common?  An awesome male lead and a great supporting cast.  I’ve been watching Blue Bloods since the premiere, and I’ve been having a difficult time putting my finger on why the show is so awesome.  And I realized last night what that is.  It’s that BB reminds me of the WW.  (Abbrevs FTW!)  Not really the whole show, although I love how BB delves into controversial topics like racial profiling and torture.  The Reagan family often holds a variety of opinions on these issues, which get debated at weekly family dinners.

Really, Frank Reagan (Commissioner of the New York Police Department, played by Tom Selleck) reminds me of Jed Bartlet (you know, President of the United States, played by Martin Sheen).  Both have a quiet, reflective, educated power.  They make tough decisions carefully and thoughtfully, but decisively.  They accept the painful ramifications of their choices.  In the most recent episode of BBSmack Attack” in which the Reagans bust a drug ring at a Catholic high school, we see Frank Reagan’s spiritual side and learn about his Catholic school roots, which reminded me of Bartlet’s similar quiet spirituality.  (Confrontation in “Two Cathedrals” not withstanding.)  Reagan seems like the kind of guy who, like Bartlet, would speak Latin and understand the intellectual side of Christianity.

What do you think?  Is my comparison apt?  What differences/similarities do you see between Selleck and Sheen or Reagan and Bartlet?


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