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“Canning Randy”: How I Met Your Mother (S6: E7)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 1, 2010

Contemplating the wonders of the walk of shame

Plot Summary: It’s Halloween in NYC!  Robin is caught making the walk of shame, and she won’t confess who she slept with (with whom she slept?).  Turns out, she wasn’t sleeping with anyone, but was instead making a commercial for adult diapers.  Marshall refuses to fire his incompetent secretary, who, as it turns out, wants to get fired.  Zoey, the crazy activist from last week, joins Teds class.  She convinces Ted’s students that tearing down the historic building is wrong.

What we Learn about the Mother: Nope.

Best Moment: Ted tells his kids about the Halloween parade he, Marshall, and Barney love.  But it’s not the real Halloween parade.  Instead, it happens on November 1st as girls make the walk of shame home in their costumes.  Their commentary on the parade is great.  Barney says, as a girl in a bee costume walks by: that bee was getting busy.  Ted says: that french maid didn’t turn down somebody’s bed.  Marshall says: Pocahantas has a couple of wounded knees.  Ted and Barney exchange horrified glances and say he’s gone too far.  They then remark that things don’t get better than this.  Until they see Robin making the walk of shame in a nurse costume.  Robin: Ah, crap.

Top 3 Quotes

1) Marshall asks his assistant Randy why the downtown office didn’t get a copy of important contracts.  Randy assures him he sent them downtown.  Then Randy says: wait. Is send them downtown not an expression for shredding them?  Marshall screams: That is not an expression!  That has never been an expression!

2) While debating whether or not to fire Randy, Marshall has a nightmare.  In the dream, after firing him, Marshall asks: where are you headed now? Randy replies: downtown.  And he jumps into the shredder.

3) Randy dreams of starting his own brewery, and making beer with his last name on it: Wharmpess.  (Yup, sounds like warm piss.)


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