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Tea Time: Just Desserts (S1: E8)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 3, 2010

Dana Cowan is having a tea party!

Man, I hate Danielle.  She’s, sadly, our last woman standing.

For the quickfire, our p-chefs have to make an edible bouquet.  How weird.  Morgan assures us that this is “not his first edible bouquet.”  Yawn.  Danielle isn’t going to use sugar to make flowers, she’s using orange peels.  HASN’T SHE LEARNED HER LESSON?  The judges want them to make desserts, not salads.  Yigit was pulling sugar vases for his bouquet, which Morgan ‘accidentally’ breaks.  No camera seems to have been able to confirm whether it was or was not actually an accident.  But I think Yigit is right to be suspicious.  There is some serious ugly going on here.  I say booooo to a quickfire where the judges aren’t eating anything.  Morgan and Yigit are in the top, and everyone else pretty much failed.  Morgan wins another 5k.

For the elimination challenge, the p-chefs have to cater a tea party for the editor of Food and Wine magazine.  They have to create a dessert based on a celebrity couple.  (Celebri-tea, get it?)  The chefs are being way too obscure.  This isn’t really that interesting.  They’re going to have to write novels to explain their reasoning.  Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian?  Madonna and Guy Ritchie?  Oprah and whoever that guy Oprah is with?  Conan and Andy Richter?  Where’s the Brangelina?

When the judges return to the kitchen to do their prep, they discover that there is no chocolate in the pantry.  Chocolate is off the table because you don’t serve chocolate at a tea party.  (I mean, duh.)  Zac and Danielle aren’t making anything chocolate, so they’re all good.  But everyone else is pretty screwed.  This seems like a stupid twist on the part of Bravo.  It’s one thing to screw everyone.  But to screw some people without telling them in advance?  Seems dis-satisfyingly unfair.

Gratuitous shot of Dawn handsoap.

How does a face like this keep winning?

Wouldn’t be Bravo without tons of those.

Yigit is pretty depressed and “his heart isn’t in it” because he couldn’t use chocolate.  Eric’s dishes didn’t come out like he wanted, and his plating looks pretty horrible.  His desserts are also too big and falling apart.  But his flavors, as per usual, are good.  Zac’s getting rave reviews for his Julie Andrews dessert with “Captain Von Trap Crunch.”  (Made with real Cap’n Crunch.)  No one seems to like Danielle’s cake.  Yigit is struggling to get his entire dish on the plate, while Morgan stands by and watches.  What a jerk.  Yigit’s desserts are too bland for the judges.

Seems like our chefs may have embarrassed themselves in front of Gail’s mentor.

Our top desserts are Danielle, Morgan, and Zac.  Zac ultimately wins the challenge.  And his desserts looked phenomenal.

This means, of course, Eric and Yigit are in the bottom two.  What an awkward judges’ table with just the two of them.  Eric’s lack of creativity was what killed him apparently.  The judges are just brutal and RIP into Yigit for falling apart.  I think I would have been in a puddle on the floor if I were him.

Ultimately, though, Eric gets sent home for making two shortbread desserts for the tea party.  He had a good run, and I liked him a lot.



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