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Viva Italia!: ANTM (S15: E9)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 6, 2010

The final six arrive in Italy

Final 6.  That means it’s time to go somewhere international.  (Oh Tyra.  So predictable!  Every season is the same.  Says the girl who’s watched all 15 seasons and most of them twice.)  I bet it’s Italy because this is the vogue season.  Also, they already told us they were going to Italy.  Tyra has apparently forgotten how to build suspense in her old age.

Ms Jay pops by the house to take the girls on a bike ride around Venice Beach.  (I reissue my call to get this house some locks.)  He takes them to a bridge where Tyra drifts by on a gondola.  (So not surprised.)  She is screaming at a gondolier telling him to take her to VENICE and not to VENICE BEACH.  She’s like actually screaming.  It’s kind of terrifying.

OK.  Bags packed?  Good.  We’re in Italy now.

Ann is actually coming out of her shell, which is awesome to see.  She jokes around with the girls now and is (a little bit) less awkward.

The girls head to the Grand Canal to do a high-fashion, period editorial shoot surrounding 18th century decadence.  My favorite century of decadence, personally.  They have to put on corsets and, in groups of three, compete for the attention of Cassanova.  Cue Kayla’s lesbian fears.  But Kayla actually did great work.  Liz and Chris were a bit awkward.  Liz makes lots of excuses because of how hot it was outside.  This was kind of a disaster.  Ann has a lot of trouble competing for the attention of a man and she puts a lot of pressure on herself.  Jane also turns it on.

After the photoshoot, the girls learn they’re moving to Milan the next day.  (Good.  Because Venice isn’t exactly a fashion capital.)  When they show up, the girls are annoyed because their house is small.  SUCK. IT. UP, ladies.  You are in Milan.  While they’re stuffing their faces in their teeny kitchen, Tyra creeps in.  (WHAT IS IT WITH THESE PEOPLE DROPPING IN UNANNOUNCED?)  Tyra tells them that she picked this apartment for them because it was not glamorous.  Much like the apartments of struggling models across the world.  This is real life modeling, bitches. So shut your stinking pie holes.

The next day, the roll up to Missoni, a fashion house.  They try on the fashions and do a mini go see.  One of the girls is going home that night.

Wearing unseasonable fashion at panel

At panel, the judges love Chelsey, but they also love Ann.  They say she looks like a decadent aristocrat.  I think she looks stiff and confused.  This ‘Ann can do no wrong’ mentality needs to end.  They also love Jane’s pouty lip.  It’s so hot in the judging room that some of them almost pass out.  So Tyra lets them sit down.  Gee, thanks.  They need water and to take off these ridiculous sweaters.  The judges are less excited about Chris and Liz.

Ann, Chelsey, Jane

Liz, Chris, Kayla

Six beautiful ladies stand before Tyra.  But she only has five photos in her hands.  OH SNAP.

Kayla gets the best picture this week.  Justly deserved.  Ann sneaks by, which I’m not sure is justified.  I guess she built up enough good will in the first few weeks.  So, Chris and Liz are in the bottom two.  Tyra only has one photo in her hands.  She will ONLY CALL ONE NAME.  Who will it be?

Chris gets to stay.

Wrong decision, judges.  Liz has way more potential.


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