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“Resolved”: Brothers and Sisters (S6: E7)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 7, 2010

Cold as ice

Hey look!  Evan!  I forgot he existed for a few episodes there.  Kitty and Sarah are lounging around internet shopping and reading magazines.  However, this thought apparently strikes them both at the same time: they need to get jobs.  (OMG YES THEY DO.)  They decide to work together to use the Ojai money to find a new company to buy into or buy out.  Would that jobs were always that easy to get.  But, sibling rivalry kicks in and Kitty and Sarah start arguing.  They are acting uber-childish right now.  Do adults really bicker like this?  My sister and I don’t.

Justin has taken to driving Holly to her doctor’s appointments.  He meets a cute new nurse who asks him out.  Turns out David’s been smoking the reefer to deal with the stress.  This does not make former-addict Justin happy.  David is totally pliable when Justin convinces him to go to a meeting, which seems out of character.  But one meeting and he’s cured, huh?  Holly has a breakthrough and remembers that David asked her to marry him before the accident.  When she tells David she remembers, she also tells Justin he needs to move on and stop using her to hold on to Rebbecca.

Kevin and Scotty are both supposed to help Paige with her debate tournament for school.  Clearly, this was just a clever rouse on the part of the Walkers to get Kevin and Scotty back together.  Their practice session turns into a not-so veiled discussion of their relationship.

Nora meets a new guy at her radio station, but she storms off on him when he tries to give her parenting advice even though he doesn’t have kids.  She changes her mind about him when he turns out to be right about her needing to butt out of the situation between Sarah and Kitty.

EDITING ERROR!  Kitty tells Sarah when they meet to apologize to each other that she has an apology chardonnay in the fridge.  But she pours them each a glass of red wine.  1) Chardonnay is a white wine.  2) You don’t keep red wine in the fridge anyway.  Boooo, ABC.

Kitty and Sarah aren’t going to go into business together.  Kitty took a teaching job.  (Last I checked, teaching jobs required lots of paperwork to fill out and several rounds of interviews.)  Sarah is going to put in a bid for a media company.

Kevin finally comes around and realizes he’s supposed to be with Scotty.  He apologizes for his personality flaws, and Scotty asks for forgiveness.  There’s an insanely heartfelt ‘I love you’ from Kevin as they go watch Paige in her debate.  Damn that guy’s a good actor.

Wait a second.  Something feels unresolved.  What did Kevin so desperately need to tell Scotty at the end of last episode?   Way to drop a storyline.


3 Responses to ““Resolved”: Brothers and Sisters (S6: E7)”

  1. Brad said

    I just finished watched Episode 6, got pissed over Kevin’s final comment, started googling, and found your recap. I am guessing (& hoping?) the thing that Kevin wanted to tell Scotty was that the night Scotty hooked up, he got drunk at a bar by himself and lied during Scotty’s “biggest night of his professional career”…….??

    • Mr. Feeny said

      I just got done watching episode 6 as well. That’s exactly what Kevin wanted to tell Scotty. They made it seem like it was some big cliff hanger, but 20 minutes earlier he told Nora exactly what he wanted to tell Scotty, and she told him he had to. Nothing mysterious there.

      I’m also upset that Kevin seems to think he drove Scotty to this. Scotty’s a big boy. He didn’t have to do anything he didn’t want to.

      • CJ Cregg said

        Totally agree with you, Mr. Feeny, about Scotty being a big boy.

        And that’s a lame cliffhanger. I guess I expected too much from B&S. Also, I clearly wasn’t paying close enough attention, haha.

        Mr Feeny, I thought you weren’t going to watch this season?

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