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“Natural History”: How I Met Your Mother (S6: E8)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 8, 2010

Perfect acoustics, you say?

This was a hilarious episode.  Even though I hate Zoey and think she needs to be out of the season.

Plot Summary: The gang heads to a blacktie fundraiser at the Natural History Museum courtesy of GNB.  They see Zoey there.  Turns out, she’s married to the Captain, who threw the entire fundraiser.  She vows to continue trying to take Ted down while they share a dance.  Lily and Marshall struggle over Marshall’s continuing employment at GNB.  She thinks he’s sold out and wants him to quit GNB and save the world.  Barney and Robin get caught by museum guards for touching everything.  Barney learns who his father is from an incident in the museum files.

What we Learn about the Mother: Well, something is clearly [re]developing between Ted and Zoey.  But she’s married.  And not the roommate of Cindy/Rachel Bilson, so it ain’t her.

Best Moment:  Lily and Marshall have an intense and very serious discussion about growing up while Ted whispers obscenities from across the room, made possible by the excellent acoustics of the room.  Their conversation is broken up by (well-timed) “boogers” and “wieners and gonads.”

Top 3 Quotes:

1) The gang reminisce about how they’ve changed while they’re all dressed to the nines in the cab on the way to the fundraiser.  Marshall notes that he now wears a suit to work everyday.  Lily replies: Yeah, but you wear it ironically, like Ted’s fanny pack.  Ted says: Next time we go to Great Adventure, you’re carrying your own sunblock.

2) The Captain tells Barney to enjoy the party, but don’t touch anything.  Barney replies: Challenge accepted!  Barney and Robin then feel up an Egyptian guy.  Not a real one, but one of those statue-y things they have in museums.  They got bored of this soon, though, and Robin asks: Wanna go touch a bunch of stuff?  Cue montage of Robin and Barney feel up all the animals.  They drum on a turtle shell and use the lion’s mouth as a bottle opener for beers.  They end up completely dressed up as an Egyptian and a neanderthal.

3) While being questioned by the museum guards, Barney asks the guard about the story of the kid that knocked down that huge blue whale in the atrium to prove to Robin it was actually true.  The guard replies: Yah, that story is legen…wait a second, [his pager rings and he checks it] dairy.


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