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Glum Review: “Never Been Kissed” (S2:E6)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on November 9, 2010

Time to glum it up after another two-week hiatus.


So, is there a once-an-episode shirtless requirement for Sam? I might deduct points from this, but I’m sure the ladies enjoy it.

“Almost killing a civil servant” — ultimate buzzkill

Puck’s first name is Noah? I did not remember that. I’d go by Puck as well.

Oh goodie. An episode that finally mentions sectionals. Sorry, readers, but I once again have to make some points about the ridiculously oversimplified contest structure of Glee Clubs. The obvious one here: What does it take to make it to sectionals? Why aren’t the teams the same as last year? Since this is the first level of competition, shouldn’t every school be involved? Once again, if we were to expand on how competitive glee clubs work, there are only about 100-150 clubs in all of the United States. I can not express how much this annoys me…but I’ll keep trying. [-1]

Oh my goodness. It just got worse. It was bad enough last year that a deaf school somehow competed. But now you have a bunch of elderly people? Ridiculous. This is the most contrived thing since margarine. [-1]

I’m glad they’re trying to institute some yearly rituals. All the great shows have them. Episodes you look forward to and expect each season. Like Friends‘ Thanksgivings. Or Frasier’s radio award ceremonies. “Girls vs. Boys” is as good as any theme. [+1]

I guess this is going to be another “Kurt dealing with being gay” episode. Out of Glee‘s 28, 25 have probably featured a storyline about this. I can’t pretend to know what it’s like to go through that in high school, but I do think producer/writer/director/creator Ryan Murphy is relying too much on his own experiences and agenda to keep falling back on this storyline, which is getting really tiring. [-1]

On that note, yes Kurt. You’re a boy. Deal with it. [-1]

I mentioned in a Modern Family review that they were trying really hard to create new and unexpected pairings for episodes. Glee does the same thing, and often it feels forced. But I thought the Puck using Artie for community service b-plot worked pretty well. It made sense that that’s the only reason Puck would spend time with him…although Puck being in juvy for stealing an ATM is still completely outlandish. But this pairing makes so much more sense than Puck and Mercedes or Artie and Brittany. [+1]

Why the sudden violence toward Kurt? Out of nowhere. I’m suspecting the football player is gay and trying to compensate. If that’s it, I get it. If they leave this unresolved, yet another plot hole. We’ll come back to this for the grade.

Does Kurt really just let things roll off his back? When has that ever happened, Mr. Schuester? [-1]

HOLD ON. In this day and age, at a highly populated school, there is no other openly gay student? I knew several in high school. Many more stayed closeted, but I refuse to believe there’s no other openly gay person. What about a LGBT club? Every high school has one of those. [-1]

Brittany has thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Awesome. If I just graded all the one-liners, you’d think I loved this show. [+1]

Has anyone brought up the fact that the cheerleaders ALWAYS wear their uniforms? Every day of school. Isn’t that only supposed to be on spirit days? And then they continue to wear them after school. It’s like Quinn’s a cartoon character without any other items in her wardrobe. Or she’s on Gilligan’s Island. [-1]

Does the Glee Karaoke for Wii come with an autotuner?

Biest has only been in two or three episodes, but the writers have done a great job of making us feel immense sympathy for her. It’s been the best parts of this season. [+1]

OK. I really like this duet between Puck and Artie. But if this is breaking the rules…how is another student right there to take over with his own guitar? And what about the other instruments. I’ll just call this one a draw. [o]

How lucky that Kurt happened to ask that question to another gay student.

Why can’t the songs sound like they’re actually in the room happening? Instead of switching to a pre-recorded studio soundtrack. Yes, I’ve made this point before. And I keep will. [-1]

This Bieste cool-down is pretty hilarious. Seeing her in various costumes in their fantasies. [+1]

“Stay away from my woman”??? Were you not just the person who told Tina that thinking of Bieste cools down Sam? And didn’t Tina say let’s try it? Yet now you think she and Bieste have a thing? Or at least need to confront Bieste about an imagined thing? I guess I know why none of these people are ever shown in class. They’re all remedial. [-1]

I’m glad they quickly realized Kurt was a spy. A rare glimpse of reality from Glee. [+1]

I wonder if this episode was written after all the gay student bullying stories in recent months. If so, very timely. I take back what I said about “just another gay storyline for Kurt.” This was actually one of the better ones. Certainly better than him pining over Finn. [+1]

Glad Artie didn’t just stoop to Puck’s level. He didn’t even flirt with it. [+1]

How is Rachel as the lead singer opposite of normal? Is she contractually obligated to have a solo every episode? [-1]

Sue setting up a confetti cannon just to celebrate Biest’s resignation. Then telling Will to clean it up. Fantastic. [+1]

Yup. Called it. [+1] Though it is a little cliche. But the fact that that was Kurt’s first kiss, that makes it better. [+1]

Again, knocking it out of the park with Bieste. The possible SchueBieste romance was actually sweet. [+1]

Wierd mash-up. I don’t know the other song (the one that’s not “Stop in the Name of Love”), but I liked it. [+1]

A little light on the music today. Not a bad thing.

wWhat we’ve learned from Glee in this episode: even with all the problems surrounding this show, they can sometimes tell great stories. Like they did today with Bieste, Kurt and Puck/Artie. And they didn’t hit us over the head with a theme at all today, tying the music with the moral.

Score: +3


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