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The Fashion Show: The Ultimate Collection Premiere Review

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 9, 2010

Green vs. Blue

Ever since Bravo had to let Project Runway go, they’ve been itching to get back into the fashion reality show.  (See The Fashion Show–a 2009 flop starring Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland.  See also Launch my Line–a 2010 show that wasn’t any better.)  They’re trying The Fashion Show again, but this time as a show pitting two rival houses of fashion against each other.  There will be 2 competing fashion shows at the end of each episode, one for each house. They’ve also swapped Kelly out for Iman.

This premise seems a bit too contrived, so I’m skeptical going in.

Our designers start to file in.  Read about all 12 of them here.  They’ve been sorted into their teams randomly.

Their first challenge is to use Iman as their muse and design something fantastic.  They’re supposed to consider her story, her style, and her “bubbly but prickly” personality.  The designers are flabbergasted when they realize they have to work with OTHER PEOPLE!  The looks they design for Iman have to work cohesively with the others in their fashion house.

Everyone on the Green team already hates Calvin.  Their team already seems quite chaotic.  Calvin is pretty horrible.  He is an island, and not a team player.

Time to make the garments.  This could be any Project Runway episode ever.  The Blue Team (renamed Team Nami–Iman spelled backwards) is making a collection primarily in white.  The Green Team (renamed Emerald Syx) is using bright colors.

Golnessa and Cindy have a very similar view of fashion.  We find out that they actually have a line together, and are business partners.  This makes Calvin upset, as he doesn’t think it’s fair.  Cesar has emerged as the frontrunner of Team Nami.  He’s very knowledgeable and a fast worker.

Cesar takes the first win

Now, it’s time to make the fashion show happen.  The designers send their models to hair and makeup while audience members file in.  Francine and Calvin have a major spat backstage.

The Emerald team does an unveil on the runway.  Their models are under sheets, and they pull off and then walk down the runway.  (Um, ok?) Francine and Tamara have seriously ugly clothes.  All in all, their collection is pretty horrible if you ask me.  It looks cheap.  (Said in Heidi Klum voice.)  And it’s not cohesive at all.

House of Nami is also nothing to write home about.  It’s boring.  And kind of weird in parts.  And the white just looks drab and washed out on the runway.  Cesar’s dress was the only one I liked at all.

House of Nami not surprisingly wins this challenge.  The judges then have to review all of the garments, which is boring and takes too long.  The winner is Cesar, also unsurprisingly.

Team Emerald Syx seems to almost be excited to be in the bottom while they desperately hope that Calvin will be sent home.  In the bottom two for Emerald Syx is Francine and Calvin.  Hah.  Hilarious.  Francine is “out of fashion” and sent home.  Hers was a horrible, cheap dress.

All in all, this is an ok show.  For some reason, I’m kind of over Project Runway and its successors.  I also kind of feel like all of the talented designers have already gone on the show, because in the last season on Lifetime and now this, I’ve seen very little that is actually interesting/exciting/wearable.  I’m not going to keep watching.  Besides, Iman annoys me.  I find her prickly and not bubbly at all.


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