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Life is Like a Box of Chocolates: Just Desserts (S1: E9)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 10, 2010

Om nom nom

Final four!

For today’s quickfire, our p-chefs have to tell their life story through a box of Godiva chcolates.  They have to make 4 chocolates to represent stages in their lives.  The winning chef’s chocolate box will be modified and sold.

Our chefs are running around like mad.  Morgan is making a bittersweet ganache to celebrate his failed marriage.  Awesome.  Zac’s dark chocolate truffle with pretzels looks great.  Danielle’s golden moment truffle is when she started her business.  Not love.  Cuz no one loves her.  Zac says she looks like a cartoon character of Marilyn Manson.  I don’t disagree.  One of Yigit’s truffles doesn’t set, so he only made three.  He’s totally falling apart under pressure.  Holy cow, these chocolates all look amazing.  Except for Danielle’s pineapple and coconut one.  And her banana one.  OK, Danielle’s suck.

Except that I’m wrong because Danielle and Morgan are the top two.  And admittedly, Danielle is growing on me with her impressions of Morgan.  Her hatred is palpable.

Now, meet Ben.  He tells us that he and his wife are celebrating their 61st wedding anniversary.  Our chefs will make an anniversary cake for them.  No idea who Ben is or how much he had to pay Bravo to get these cakes.  He is a cute old man, though.  So he’s got that going for him.  Turns out that Ben is married to Sylvia Weinstock, who the p-chefs met in the third week, and is an incredibly famous cake maker.  Aha.  This makes sense.  Make a cake for the famous cake lady.

Sylvia Weinstock and her cakes

I’m so over Morgan’s ‘everyone is out to get me’ attitude.

Zac’s cake is something awful.  It looks like a craft project.  Totally lacking elegance.  Danielle’s cake is getting rave reviews so far.  Yigit’s is crumbling as he tries to take it out of the pan.

The judges aren’t wild about how Danielle made her cake gray.  I agree.  Kinda weird.  Yigit’s cake was too ambitious and complicated, but it was elegant for sure.  Morgan’s decorating skills were subpar, and his chocolate cake was a little dry.

During judges’ table, Zac suggests that Morgan doesn’t care about all money he’s made.  It’s a biting accusation, but Morgan’s response is none too dignified either.

Danielle is the winner of the cake challenge.  I have to admit, I’m starting to respect her talent and her knack for impressions more.  Zac’s crazy cake gets him sent home.

So, our final three are Morgan, Yigit, and Danielle.  Zac fully admits he made a cake-wreck.  Perhaps the animosity will be reduced now that he’s gone.  Although I’m not optimistic.


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