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Statuesque: ANTM (S15: E10)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 11, 2010

Final five

Time to go on go sees!  Chelsey is excited because she’s been on go sees before.  Woo-freakin’-hoo.  Tyra gives the girls a quick lesson on how to put together a portfolio.  The girls also learn that their go sees will include a stop at Versace.  They won’t be taking cabs, instead they’ll be braving the public transit or using their own two feet.  Jane and Chris find Versace easily, but the other three get lost.  The casting director said Chris looked like a model from the 80s.  He also says Chelsey is ‘two seasons ago.’  He loved Ann.  Weird.

All the girls get lost in the subway, but all the signs I saw were in English, so clearly they’re just not trying hard enough.  Ann and Kayla both get themselves so lost that they can’t get back on time.  As much as I like watching them get lost, this is dangerous.  Setting them loose in a city where they don’t speak the language.  Scary.  Chelsey wins because she’s the only one that made it to more than one go see.  This was an unusually feeble attempt on the part of these girls.

If statues could melt...

For their photoshoot, the girls have to be marble statues.  Nigel will photograph them as they come alive with their sculptor, who is, of course, a male model.  Jane lacks passion in her photos and has a minor meltdown.  It must be really hard to hear you don’t have a personality week after week.  Chelsey brought it right from the beginning.  Ann also did really well because she’s artistic.  As Mr. Jay said, ‘you can tell she knows stuff about sculptors from the period.’  Can you?  Really?  Kayla also did really well.  Chris didn’t suck, but Nigel said you could see pain on her face because she twisted her ankle while on the go sees.

Pretty sure Jane’s going home.  Plaaaaaaain Jane.

Kayla’s picture really is quite pretty.

The judges like Chelsey, but I don’t think her picture is great.  You can hardly see her.

Chris did good, but not great.

When it comes time for judging, the  judges say Ann’s picture has no emotion, but I think it’s the most emotional of all of them (making me defend Ann? Thanks, Tyra.)  Also, Tyra lectures her on the importance of a personality, and yet she booked Versace???

Statue Ann

All the girls then get a lecture on going to go sees.  Turns out, they’re important.  Can’t get a job if no one sees you.

Best picture of the week goes to Kayla for the second week in a row.  We can leave her soccer mom capri pants alone for the moment.

Kayla's picture really is beautiful

In the bottom two we have Chris and Jane.  No surprise here.  Jane gets to stay, which I think is the right decision.  Chris clearly wasn’t going to win.

Chris's was definitely the worst picture of the week

Jane then gets a lecture from Tyra about being a real human being.  Gee, nice.  Tyra then tells Chris to take some acting classes cuz she should have a comedy show.

Geez, Jane. You have one more week to prove you're actually human...

Who would have thought Jane, Ann, Chelsey, and Kayla would be in the final four?  Actually, I would.  Cuz I’ve seen every season at least twice.  So I know how this works.  Except for Jane.  She’s the one surprise to me.


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