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Sarah Palin’s Alaska: Premiere Review

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 14, 2010

Can you hear me now?

OK, so I have to admit to being morbidly fascinated by this show.  Are we going to see a genuine Sarah Palin, whatever that means?  Or is this just more publicity whoring?  (My vote’s on the latter.)  Full disclosure: My true feelings for Palin will probably shine through this not-so-unbiased review.  But if you want to know more about my political views on Palin, read this.

We take a helicopter ride with her and Todd to Big River Lake (a picturesque, naturey town) so that the kids can see a real ‘Mama Grizzly.’  They see a brown bear (not a Grizzly) swimming around while Sarah hisses “this is soooo cool” at a ear-splitting volume.  Meanwhile, Sarah insists that we can all learn from the bears who fiercely protect their young.

OK.  I’m bored.  I could get this on the Animal Planet.  We just watched two bears fight for like 15 minutes punctuated by the “wooooooows” and “no waaaaays” of Sarah.  And the cheesy inspirational music they play when they show the vistas is…cheesy.

The scenery is picturesque.  The wildlife is cool.  Her voice is really annoying.  Which kind of ruins it.

The scenes when Sarah is actually ‘parenting’ are so hilarious and forced.  She can’t parent without laughing it seems.  In one scene, she tells Willow’s male friend that the baby gates also function to keep boys downstairs.  Her daughter, Willow’s, ‘f-you’ glares are pretty priceless though.

Next, Sarah does a Fox News interview from a studio upstairs in her house.  Todd mans the camera.  She talks about how their personalities are different, and he doesn’t talk just to talk.  When he talks, he talks to SAY something.  Does she listen to herself when she talks?  Or notice the irony?  No?  Didn’t think so.  After the interview, they load up the RV to go mountain climbing in Denali National Park.  Sidenote: her RV is not an RV, it’s a bus.  It’s gigantic.  It’s hilarious because Willow is totally immune to the beauty around her.  She’s texting the whole time.

The most interesting part of the show was when the weather foiled their glacier hike, so they had to try again the next day.  Which is my way of saying that this show is boring.  When they finally get to climb, they confront a killer crevasse!  OH NO!

Fun fact: Sarah Palin is afraid of heights.  Not so fun fact: It’s really annoying to listen to her whine about it.

Take home story: boring show.

But next week, we’re promised glimpses of Bristol.  Still not gonna watch, although Bristol on Dancing with the Stars has piqued my interest in what the hell goes on in that head of hers.


2 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s Alaska: Premiere Review”

  1. Darkmetal said

    CJ when you write a review you need to keep your political outlook at home. This is a TV show for Pete’s sake.

    What we saw last night was simply a day in the life of Sarah Palin. Sure, they did some things to make it more interesting than usual: Palin’s creepy neighbor (Writing a hit piece on her, who would have thought?), Going fishing and watching bears in their habitat (how strange for Alaska!), and rock climbing. Sure, she put forth a political point or two, but mostly this was a show advertising Alaska in all it’s splendor.

    After watching the show, I am struck by the fact that the Palins are pretty much a normal American family. Todd looks on with a smile as Sarah struggles with her fear of heights as she rock climbs. Many the Husband will notice the humor in their relationship–he being the man of few words, and her being the talker.

    All in all, this show makes me want to visit Alaska, not for the Palins, but for all that Alaska offers. It is a truly beautiful State, and it’s people a rugged lot.

  2. CJ Cregg said

    Hey Darkmetal,

    I agree with you that the primary focus of the show is showcasing Alaska. So despite the fact that Alaska is beautiful, the entire show felt like a commercial for Alaska, not actually a TV show. It was a bit disconcerting in that way to me. However, my discomfort aside, I guess it worked, since it does seem like Alaska itself is pretty awesome.

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