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Glum Review: “Special Education” (S2:E9)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on December 1, 2010

I unfortunately couldn’t do a Glum Review last week. That’s especially disappointing because I think it would have been our lowest score to date. Just a horrendous, nonsensical episode. Before I begin this week’s review, here’s a summary of the idiocy of “Furt.”

– How about the name of the episode? Negative points there alone. If you want to combine the names, wouldn’t “Kinn” make more sense?

– Sue Sylvester is planning an extravagant wedding to herself? Even by Sue standards that’s ridiculous.

– Maybe if the writers had developed the Sam/Quinn romance more, I would have thought his promise ring speech was sweet. But since they threw that at us like a slushie, it was just another rushed storyline that I just didn’t buy into. It’s not as if he’s been chasing her nonstop. If he has, we haven’t seen it. And this was just episode 8.

– There are some parts I did like. Such as the heart-to-heart between Kurt, Sue and Will. That was some very good stuff that underplayed the comedy. Glee needs more of that. It seemed sincere and humanized each character. Same for Sue’s expelling of the bully. Great scene (though I think his father would have fought it a little). Sue might actually be a good principal. But that storyline’s already been quickly eliminated. Carol Burnett was great casting for Sue’s mother, but she was brought in for a ridiculous plot that made her presence forgettable. She can sure still sing, though. I also like that they returned to the virginity episode, not just sweep it under the road which I’d expect from them. And it’s nice that Finn and Kurt seem to finally be comfortable just as friends/brothers.

– Oh, and that was the quickest wedding preparation ever. Completely implausible. I think Schu put it best: “The wedding was great, guys, but we have to get ready for Sectionals in a week.” I think that should explain how ridiculously fast this show moves.

– One well-developed story was Kurt transferring. They actually laid the groundwork nicely and it made a lot of sense. Plus, it creates a good storyline with Kurt competing against them…all be it next week.


Now, it’s time for Sectionals! What are the odds they don’t win? Nil, since the season needs to keep going.

Glee is really making an effort to address all their critics’ concerns this year. Not actually solve them, but at least recognize that they’re there, like Emma pointing out the predictability of New Directions’ set list. Kind of ridiculous Schu needs her to point that out, though. [+1]

“You used to be just unlikeable. But now I feel like punching you every time you open your mouth.” – Quinn, speaking for all of us about Rachel [+1]

I agree with Schu on this. There’s plenty of talent to go around and Rachel is nothing that special compared to the other talented members of the club. No reason she should always get featured. But that includes in these episodes. [+1]

Kurt would come in and think he can run the place. Glad he was shot down quickly, as predictable as it is that he’d miss the “fun, loose, unregulated New Directions” over the rigid, council-format Warblers.

“You’re both in Glee. Why don’t you sing about it? Aren’t there some great betrayal songs?” – Emma [+1]

Rachel’s constant lack of logic always makes me so frustrated. Why are you comparing your hotness to Santana’s? You and Finn weren’t together when he slept with her. He wasn’t choosing her over you. There’s no reason to compare. No one has mentioned this. [-1]

I kind of like the Artie/Britany combination. It’s sweet. Much better than Artie/Tina.

The Warblers seem to work like a real glee club. An actual audition for parts. A group discussion of songs. Although they still waited til the last week to come up with a set list. The difference being that they probably had already rehearsed their songs, unlike New Directions.

LOVE that Schuester blew up at Rachel. Saying everything we want to about her being a terrible sport. Thank you. [+1]

I love Cadbury Eggs. [+1]

The two divas singing one of the ultimate diva songs. Perfect, though uninspired. And made better by the realism that Kurt was highly over-dramatic and self-indulgent and he lost his solo because of it. [+1]

Are we supposed to be laughing at the older glee club? It just seems stupid. [-1]

Once again, the writers pointed this out in the episode, but it’s really weird how Kurt and Rachel are friends now. But still, I like how she was encouraging him to smile in the Warblers’ performance. Great job of acting by Chris Colfer to appear much more rigid and uncomfortable than usual as he’s out of his element. Having to play the part of a supporting, chorus member (although he still gets oddly featured up front). [+1]

Also, I love this rendition of “Hey Soul Sister.” Daren Criss is great. [+1]

I’m really happy they featured someone other than Rachel and Finn. Sam and Quinn go nicely together. [+1]

I don’t understand glee clubs. Is this actually how they work? Have a couple of people featured and all the rest are just in the background the whole time? I always thought glee clubs were about doing things as one. Not a bunch of backup singers and dancers. [-1]

Oh my God. This is one of the most contrived things Glee has ever done…which is saying something. A tie at Sectionals? No tiebreaker? Two of three teams can just advance? Idiotic. [-2]

You didn’t really win. You were better than 1 other team. Yet you get the trophy? [-1]

And the hits just keep coming. What a way to end an episode, Glee. Emma ran off and got married? That seems totally like her. Makes perfect sense. And how convenient…they never have to deal with her being a virgin again. That was probably a troublesome for them that’s been eliminated. [-1]

Just realized…after last week’s horrendously random and inane plot about Sue marrying herself, we got no Jane Lynch this episode. She should never be left out. Ever. Glee makes enough money to pay her for every episode. [-1]

Rachel lost her way and now has found it. Again. How many times is this? It’s the storyline that keeps on giving. Whenever you need to use Rachel, just make her forget a lesson she learned before so she can learn it again. [-1]

Finn never thought Rachel was MEAN? Um…remember when she sent the exchange student to a crack house? Two months ago? [-1]

And the Rachel/Finn shuffle is on again. Yay! [-1]

Could that bird molting metaphor have been any more obvious? Kurt’s a canary. Has to grow into his feathers, but he likes his new cage. Got it? [-1]

This episode started with such promise. I was enjoying it a little midway through. But the end just spiraled out of control. It also seemed like a season-break episode, especially with that last song. But there’s an episode next week. [-1]

Score: -3


One Response to “Glum Review: “Special Education” (S2:E9)”

  1. CJ Cregg said

    Right on, Feeny.

    Two other annoying things I noticed:
    1) Why audition for solos in the Warblers if Blaine (Darren Criss) is the only one that gets a solo at sectionals?
    2) How come everyone else only got to sing one song, but the New Directions sang two?

    One thing I did like:
    They recognized the ridiculous nature of local high school competitions by making the head judge a guy from the DMV. Awesome.

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