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Night at the Museum: Top Chef-All Stars (S8: E2)

Posted by CJ Cregg on December 8, 2010

Come in for a midnight snack!

I’ve been slacking off in my blogging duties, and for that I apologize.  Blame the end of the semester here at the UW.

But here goes.  Top Chef time!

Joe Jonas makes an appearance in the Top Chef kitchen for our next quickfire.  Hilarious.  (Dale T: I had no idea who Joe Jonas was.  I think he might be a pastry chef?)  Our chefs have to create dishes for a sleep over at the American Museum of Natural History.  Joe will pick a winner to serve at his sleepover/fundraiser for a midnight snack.

The junk food that these chefs are making is making me drool a little.  Some are trying to be healthy, but those don’t look very good.  (Dale T: Healthy food sucks.)  Tre made a cracker with bacon and fresh basil.  Someone doesn’t know what 10 year olds like.  Tiffany D’s coconut rice pudding, Mike’s cookie, and Stephen’s cookie sandwiches land in the bottom.  Spike and Tiffany are Joe’s favorites, but since it’s a tie, the kids get to decide at the museum who wins.  Spike made carrot chips with marshmallow dip, and Tiffany made a snowball/rice krispie treat/moon pie thing.

Spike and Tiffany get to pick teams to help them prepare their snacks for the museum fundraiser.  None of the other chefs are happy about having to help Spike or Tiffany win and get immunity.  It’s basically salty vs. sweet, so let’s see what the kids want.  Some of the chefs really try to campaign amongst the kids.  Others stay away.  (Jamie: I never want to have kids.  Ever.)

Whoah, Padma.  That’s a lot cut top to be wearing around a bunch of ten year olds.  Wardrobe questions aside, upon Joe and Padma’s poll, Tiffany’s dish carries the day overwhelmingly.

The elimination challenge starts right after the midnight snack feeding.  They have to create a breakfast for the kids and their parents.  They only have the ingredients in the museum kitchen.  They are split up into their teams: tyranosaurus v. brontosaurus.  (Two popular exhibits at the museum.)  One team can use meat and dairy, the other can’t.  Guess which is which?  Since Tiffany won, she and her chefs decide to be team T-Rex.

The chefs then get to have their own sleepover in the Hall of North American Mammals.  There are 17 little cots and Top Chef pajama pants.  Some go to bed, and some take their Top Chef flashlights and go run through the museum.  Despite the fact that they only have 45 minutes to sleep anyway.

Team T-Rex comes to a realization, though, that T-Rexes aren’t omnivores.  So they ONLY have meat to work with.  They don’t even have flour.  Uh oh…

Team T-Rex ends up down a member when Jamie cuts herself and has to go get stitches.  Casey’s all WTF play through it.  Jamie rejoins them as they’re setting up their stations outside.  She informs her team that she got 2 stitches.  Everyone is like, huh?  TWO?  That’s the type of injury you ignore.  (Truf.)

This is actually an apatosaurus, not a brontosaurus. Sue me.

Team Brontosaurus, using veggies and grains, takes the day.  Angelo, Marcel, and Richard win the challenge for their banana parfait.  (It looked incredibly good, despite its simplicity.)  Fabio also made gnocchi, which the judges liked.

So, team T-Rex is in the bottom.  Tiffany whines about how T-Rexes eat more than meat and the challenge wasn’t fair.  The judges are all like, ‘STFU your fritatas were inconsistent.’  (SNAAAAAP.)  Some were cooked, and some were raw.  Tre’s steak was way too salty.  Jen really goes after the judges.  She is piiissed that she’s in the bottom.  Antonia throws Jamie under the bus for leaving.  Tom doesn’t really care that the chefs are talking smack.  He says whoever’s going home is going home for a bad dish, not for being a jerk.  (This is a massive counterpoint to Tyra’s ‘it’s all about attitude’ mantra.)  The judges aren’t really sure what to do with Jamie.  She didn’t make a crappy dish, but it’s not a good thing that everyone agrees that it made no difference whether she was there or not.

So which dinosaur is packing their knives?  Jen.  And she’s shocked.  She stands by her dish until the end.  (Jen: The judges got it wrong.)  Bold claims.

Indignation seems a poor strategy.


One Response to “Night at the Museum: Top Chef-All Stars (S8: E2)”

  1. said

    Last night’s episode of Top Chef was really good. Jen clearly has an attitude problem. Glad she went home. Jamie should’ve have sucked it up and gone back to cooking, I don’t think her cut was that big of a deal. Dale had me laughing when he said, “Basically I’m making crack for small children.” lol. I wish Tony was there. Lastly, I had no interest in seeing Billy Joel’s wife. What a bore.

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