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Brothers and Sisters Holiday Overload

Posted by CJ Cregg on December 12, 2010

Kitty's earnest grad student Seth.

I’ve been slacking off on my blogging as I have already mentioned.  But I thought I’d drop you a little posty-post to update you on the activities of the Walker family.

Last episode, Kitty started her job at the college.  She’s now sleeping with the grad student barista at her new fave coffee shop.  When she found out he was a grad student at her school, though, she freaks out and calls it off.

Kevin and Scotty are going to adopt a child.  But in Kevin’s nervousness, he eats a pot brownie and gets totally high.  The social worker ends up having to cancel the visit anyway.

Nora is starting to get hot and heavy with the guy from her radio station, Carl.

Now, Nora’s in holiday overdrive.  But as she burns the cookies and forgets the nutmeg, she decides to jet to Santa Fe with Carl and cancel Christmas for her family.  The Walker kids’ mouths hang open in shock.

Sarah’s trying to make some changes at the radio station she now owns.  Starting by firing some people 3 days before Christmas.  She’s a grinch because Luc is overseas doing some artsy stuff.  Or underwear modeling.  I forget.

Justin’s back at the hospital trying to make inroads with that nurse again. He’s also trying to become a paramedic.

Kitty cracks and starts sleeping with Seth the grad student/barista again.

When Carl and Nora get to Santa Fe, she starts her motherly freak out about how her kids don’t need her anymore.

Kitty and Kevin are hosting dueling Christmases.  Kitty’s Christmas is minimalist, whereas Kevin’s is way overboard.  Kitty and Kevin both make a stop at Nora’s house late at night to raid her decorations.  After a big, predictable, but hilarious fight, they decide to have separate Christmases.  (Kitty: FINE!  Go have your two-treed, LGBT, politically correct, don we now our GAY apparel Christmas.)

OK, this episode really goes off the rails when Nora has a dream while in Santa Fe all ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ as if she had never raised her kids at all.  In the dream, the kids all plotting to kill Nora for her inheritance while Holly is the family matriarch.  Justin’s a drunk and Kevin is still in the closet.  It’s crazy.  And so so random.  The ultimate impact of this dream is that Nora decides she wants to go home.  (Saw that coming.  Why Carl ever thought she would survive away from her fam for the holidays is beyond me.)

Saul comes face to face with an old flame, the man who infected him with HIV.

Kitty and Kevin make up and combine their Christmases at Nora’s house, and when she returns with Carl, it’s a happy holiday for all.  That is, until Seth drops a bomb that his mom is the Dean of the school.  Oh, snap!

And with that, we break until Jan 2nd when Kitty’s sex scandal will be revealed.


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