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New York’s Finest: Top Chef-All Stars (S8: E3)

Posted by CJ Cregg on December 15, 2010

Quickfire time!

Racing against the clock, our cheftestants have to hurry to prep ingredients.  Then, they’ll have 15 minutes to make a dish as a team, starting when the first team finishes the prep.  On the team selection: Fabio: Angelo wears his pants a little too tight for me, but he’s a great chef.  (Is this an Italian phrase I don’t know about?  I mean, the Italians wear really tight pants, too, right?)

The knives are flying.  It’s way easier to believe that Jamie would cut herself in these circumstance than at the museum.  In fact, I’m surprised everyone still has all their fingers attached at the end of this.  Sadly, Angelo’s and Fabio’s team despite finishing first ended up in the bottom.  Richard, Tre, Spike, and Stephen come up with the win.  And with 40 fingers.  Among them.  Right.

For the elimination, each group gets to dine at one of New York’s award winning restaurants.  They then have to create a dish that would fit on the menu of that restaurant.  Their teammates will be their competition, and two. people. will. go. home.  This would be shocking if the preview of this episode hadn’t been playing ad nauseum on Bravo and gave that little gem away.

Our chefs go out to enjoy their dinners with their team.  (Tiffany: Angelo is annoying.)  Or not.  (Tre: Stephen is arrogant.)  As they eat, some of the chefs start to worry that their cooking styles don’t match up with the styles of the restaurant they’ve attended.

At Marea, Tre’s swordfish is a hit with the judges.  At Ma Peche, Fabio’s dish is too heavy for the judges.  At townhouse, Jamie’s dish lacks the wow factor, and Dale’s dish is too sweet.  At wd-50, Tiffany’s dish was too complicated, and Dale T’s breakfast was a winner.

Dale T., Angelo, Antonia, and Tre made the favorite dishes for each of the New York chefs they cooked for.  Dale is crowned the winner, and he wins a trip to New Zealand.  Right.  Cuz this wasn’t a challenge about New York or anything.  Stephen, Tiffany, Fabio, and the other Dale are on the other end.  Two of them will be sent home.  Most of these chefs have tried to do too much.

Tom: Stephen, you may have great knowledge of Italian food.  But I have great knowledge of Led Zeppelin.  Doesn’t make me Jimmy Page.  (Touche, Mr. Colicchio, touche.)

Padma: Stephen and Dale, please pack your knives and go.

Dale: Fair is fair, I got eliminated.  Maybe I’ll come back for Top Chef 16-senior edition.

And there we have it.


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