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“Thanks for the Memories”: Brothers and Sisters (S5: E12)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 9, 2011

Bad EMTs?

I apparently missed an episode while overseas last week.  But here goes this episode.

Justin is under investigation for questionable medical procedures authorized while working as an EMT.  This strains the relationship he has with the nurse he’s been wooing.  He ends up getting let off the hook, though.

Kevin and Scotty seem to be adopting a child.  She’s older and named Olivia.  They start to get nervous about their parenting skills after Paige misbehaves at their house.  Also, Olivia picked Scotty’s pocket when they meet her.  She also doesn’t want them to be her parents.  She’s also a terrible actress whoever it is that plays her.

David is moving to New York and wants Holly to come with him, but she’s not ready to leave.  Nora invites her to move in.  She then proceeds to drive her crazy with yoga, the farmers market, and vegetable smoothies.  (Sidenote: Sally Field has some bulging old lady muscles.)  “Nora, you are a cross between Martha Stewart and Joseph Stalin.”  Holly decides she’s ready to start over and let her past go, so she and Nora have a huge beach bonfire and burn her old stuff.  Weird.

Kitty is taking Evan to see Robert’s kids in Washington DC.  She’s also contemplating a return to politics.  Disapproving Sarah disapproves.  Seth, her barista boyfriend, also ain’t happy.  In the end, the visiting family story was a cover up, I think, as she leaves Evan behind and hits the road.

Paige has a boyfriend, it seems.  She’s been sneaking around, and now she’s grounded.  Bum-mer.

Saul forgives Jonathan for giving him HIV.

Holly finally takes her leave.  Is she gone for good?  Could this really be true?  I’m afraid to get my hopes up.

Next week? Tommy comes back.  And he’s married.  Shah-zaaaam.



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