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“Fools Rush In”: Greek (S4: E2)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 10, 2011

House Mom...or just a really bad visor?

Greek is back on ABCFam for its final season.  Which is good, because it always gets a little dicey when you take a show about college well past the college years.

I watched the first episode from China, so I apologize for not posting a recap.  To make a 45-minute story short, Casey takes things into her own hands and argues her way into CRU Law and decides to stay.  (Bad decision, Case.)  But she’s not too keen on giving Cappie another chance even though he swears he’ll change and get his life together.

Here goes episode two.

Dale is on the quest to find his future wife at CRU. To be more social and meet more women, he decides to rush.

Casey has moved into Rusty and Dale’s apartment while looking for another place on campus.  Dana and Rusty are still together.

Kappa Tau is down in numbers.  They need to pull off a good recruitment with activities and stuff, so Rusty and Cappie try to figure out how.  They missed the signup deadline for a booth at the Greek fair, so they set up a renegade one.  (I love the Greek fair.)  When the cops crash their annual recruitment party, they get in trouble and can’t take in any new pledges.  Uh oh.

Calvin is the president of Omega Chi now, and he’s attempting to stop the KT-Omega Chi feud. Evan is pissed at Calvin, and I’m not sure why.  Turns out, the brothers are turning on Calvin after rush.

Evan and Casey are now in law school together, and Evan tells Casey he needs to let ZBZ go, even though she desperately wants

Rusty tries to put together a rush strategy

to go visit and pump them up for recruitment.

The horrible national consultant (Charisma Carpenter) is back and trying to whip ZBZ into shape.  She yells at Bex for not having a house mother, so Casey winds up with the job.  Hey, it’s better than Rusty’s apartment.  Bex accuses Casey of having a “rush rush.”

It’s true.  Sororities are like drugs.

To get the national consultant off their backs during Rush, Casey calls in Dana to act as a fake rushee and distract her.  But she figures it out, and threatens to boot out Rebecca as president.

But the national consultant isn’t all bad because she helps Casey realize how to grow up and still be a part of ZBZ in the right way.  And not the creepy older girl trying to relive her glory days way.  Casey decides to accept the job as house mother full time.  Hmmm, not sure this is a good idea.  But I’m liking the team of Bex and Casey.

Dale gets a bid to Omega Chi because he understands what brotherhood is about.  (!!!)

Next week?  Ashleigh visits from New York!


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