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“Crossed Examined Life”: Greek (S4: E3)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 17, 2011

Rocking the pledge pin

Fall Semester is about to start at CRU.

Dale drops a bomb on his roomie: he’s pledging Omega Chi.  (O-Mega-Gee!)  Rusty does not like this news.  He does not like it one bit.  He tries to get Dale to rush KT because he’s convinced Omega Chi is playing him.  Dana thinks if she and Rusty find Dale a girlfriend, he’ll cut it out with the pledge stuff.  In Rusty’s meddling defense, Dale is kinda being insufferable and pretentious.

Through all this, KT’s only pledge is getting ignored because of Rusty’s obsession with Dale.  Things change when this new pledge “Spidey” tells Dale he’s an honors engineering major seeking socialization.

Ashleigh drops into the ZBZ house.  She also drops the news that she got fired.  From her dream job.  (Laura: Great, another one’s back.)

Casey heads to her first day of law school.  And promptly shows up Evan who didn’t do the reading.  But everyone thinks she slept her way in.  She does not like this.  She does not like this one bit.  This episode is very Legally Blonde.  Casey wants to join Evan’s study group, but they won’t let her in because she allegedly slept her way into law school.

Calvin and Cappie get high to work on a philosophy project for a class they’re both in.  Turns out, Calvin is floundering because

Making the Grade

he doesn’t have a major and doesn’t know what he’s doing.

In Casey’s rage about law school, she and Ash decide to bail out of CRU and do what they want.  In their excitement, Ash tells Casey that she left her job and didn’t get fired because she was upset she didn’t get a promotion.  When Ash’s boss calls and really does fire her, they realize that being adults doesn’t mean getting to leave whenever they want.

There’s a new transfer student at CRU Law–KATHERINE!


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