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Harry’s Law: Premiere Review

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 17, 2011

Shoes and law

Patent law is boring.  That’s what I learned in the first 30 seconds of this show.  Kathy Bates agrees on NBC’s new show Harry’s Law.  Her character Harriet Korn gets fired from her corporate job as a patent lawyer in Cincinnati. Because she was bored.  And didn’t want to do anything.

I should say before I begin that I have zero interest in this show.  I’m just reviewing it because it’s a holiday, and hey, I have nothing better to do.

And we’re back.

Also in the first 2 minutes of this show, she gets run over/struck by two quickly moving objects: a car and someone trying to commit suicide.  Suicide committer comes back to her saying he has drug problems and he’s facing prison so he jumped off a building.  He asks Harriet to represent him, and since she now has no job, she agrees.  A major corporate lawyer takes a leave to temp with her at her ad hoc law firm set up in a bad neighborhood.  (I know it’s a bad neighborhood because there are black people in it.)  This corporate lawyer happens to be the same guy that ran her over with his car.  Guess he felt bad about that.

Harriet’s assistant Jenna (Brittany Snow) also starts selling shoes out of the new law firm.  Cuz they have shoes to sell apparently.

This episode follows Harriet as she works on Malcolm’s (aka suicide committer) case.  She makes the big decision to put Malcolm on the stand.  In her closing statement she predictably appeals to the humanity of her client to sway the jury.  If only all accused criminals were college students with boyish good lucks and a gosh darn fightin’ chance.  Harriet also rants at her evil opposition that drugs should be legalized.  Which the judge does not stop.  Her second lawyer, Adam (played by Nathan Corddry–Tom Jeter from Studio 60), is defending a neighborhood guy accused of a shooting.  His rant during the hearing was touching.  And hilarious.  Their clients are similarly touched when they finally get to have lawyers that actually care about them.

Nonetheless, this show is almost as boring as patent law.  Even when it’s dealing with criminal law.

Also, something is off about racial representations in this show.  Three white people drop into Cincinnati and, though they have lots to learn about the black people, are the saviors (and voices) of this community that is overlooked by police and social services?

Harriet Korn is funnily misanthropic.  She’s tired from years of being the workhorse at the corporate law firm and she is burned out.  (giiiiiirl, know the feeling.)  She’s an interesting leading character.  Strong, but lacking sex appeal.  She is a likeable cynic, which is believable after years as a corporate lawyer. The show also has a little bit of whimsy, which comes out at the end.

Ultimately, though I like Kathy Bates as Harry and Nathan Corddry as Adam, this show just isn’t very interesting.



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