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“All About Beav”: Greek (S4: E4)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 24, 2011

Beaver's on the trail

ZBZ has a new batch of pledges that are being presented to the Greek community. Whatever that means.  Evan is too busy to be Rebecca’s date, so she asks Cappie just to piss Evan off.  Poor little Bex just wants attention from her law school beau.  When both Evan and Cappie show up at the event, punches are thrown.  Something’s still amiss with Rebecca and Evan even after they make up at the end.

Beaver and Katherine have a moment in the ZBZ hallway.  She transfered from Yale Law to do a JD/MBA at CRU.  Right.  Because that’s a good life choice.  Also, how can Katherine go from Rusty to the Beav?  Casey and Beav are both after Katherine.  He wants…welll, we know what he wants.  Casey wants to get into a study group with her for law school.

In her desperation, Casey offers to trade a paper she wrote to Beaver for case summaries.  They go on a wild goose chase to cheat.  On the chase, Casey finds out Beaver is afraid of failure, which is why he quit the football team.  Also on the chase, they find out Heath is a male stripper at a night club.  We viewers find out that Beaver is smarter than most realize.  He’s pretty good at reading people.

Dana and Rusty are trying to get more research money from the university.   Ashleigh becomes a marketing consultant to help Rusty spice up his pitch to the funders.  Dana and Rusty have a spat though because Dana asked to be listed as a co-inventor of the wire that Rusty invented.  It ends up not mattering because they both get pulled off the project in lieu of real researchers.  He and Dana break up as a result.  I was only just starting to like her.

Fun fact: Beaver’s real name is Walter Budreau (sp?)

At the end of the episode, Katherine and Beaver hook up.  Which is cute.

Nonetheless, this episode was boring and stupid.  The ins and outs of law school study groups and sciencey wires aren’t that interesting.


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