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Three college friends out in the world, filling the void with television…and loving it.

“Home Coming and Going”: Greek (S4: E5)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 31, 2011

Why study? It's homecoming!

Once more, it is homecoming at CRU.  Time for the KTs to start scheming how to top Vesuvius.  Their answer?  Everest.

There are big bro woes at KT too.  Spidey, the new pledge, wants Cappie to be his big bro, but Rusty wants another chance at having a little bro.  (May Andy-licious, aka Jesse McCartney rest in peace.)  When Cappie tells this to Rusty, Rusty plots to win him back.  To do so, Rusty plans to steal the opposing school’s mascot.  Apparently, the epic CRU’s rival is an agriculture school called A&M that appears to be housed in a shack.  Dale and his pledge brothers have the same plan, though.  Rusty and Spidey ultimately succeed, and Spidey picks Rusty for his big bro.

Ash has been back at CRU for 5 weeks, and she’s starting to give Casey a headache.  But how do you evict your bff?  To help Ash get a job (and subsequently her own apartment), Casey brings her to a networking event.  They just end up fighting over the future.  Ash is having a tough time, but Casey thinks she isn’t trying to find a job.

After Casey leaves the networking event, Ash runs into Casey’s creepy (I think he’s creepy, I think he’s supposed to be cute and hip or something) torts prof, and they hit it off.

Calvin starts to wonder, at Evan and Bex’s behest, if he isn’t too smart for Heath.  Heath lets it slip that he’s a stripper.  When they confront each other, it turns out they don’t want to break up.  They tell each other ‘I love you.’  It’s very sweet.

The Everest ice luge party is a huge success.  Bex gets Casey drunk so the ZBZs can go to the KT party, which isn’t campus sponsored.  Casey drunkenly makes her way to the party, though.  She gets a nice walk home from Cappie, who is going to do the honorable thing and leave her to go to bed when she POUNCES on him.  And it’s quite the pounce.  Like for real.


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