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“Fumble”: Greek (S4: E5)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 7, 2011

Aftermath of the KT party--lots of red solo cups

So, now it’s actually homecoming.  And Casey and Cappie wake up together at ZBZ.  And Casey has a hangover.  And Ash didn’t come home because she was sleeping with Torts Prof.  Casey panics, throws him out, and assures Cappie that they aren’t getting back together.

Rusty is also having a tough morning.  He’s trying to piece together exactly what happened.  He knows he hooked up with a hot girl, and he and Calvin go on a hunt to find out who it was.  Everyone they run into keeps telling Rusty he’s a legend for stealing the goat.  When they finally put it all together, it turns out Rusty’s famous science-y wire was used to pierce his nipple.  Ohhh, and we finally found out that the mysterious girl that he made out with was Ashleigh.  Which is way too weird for me.  But only Ash remembers.  Rusty doesn’t.  Which is good.  Cuz that’s weird and creepy.

Casey finds out that Beaver and Katherine are “lovers.”  Casey also finds out that Beaver’s name is Walter.  She also gets into a really awwwwkward discussion about birth control with Katherine.  This gets Casey thinking.  She can’t remember if she and Cappie used birth control during their drunken hookup.  Thank goodness for the morning after pill.

Bex is still having some Evan woes.  She’s upset that she actually cares about the fact that their relationship is falling apart.  She’s in love.  Torts Prof wants to take Ash to dinner.

Cappie tries to woo Casey by showing her that it’s not always bad to be a kid.  He sets up a backyard carnival for her.  Aaaaaaand, they kiss.

I have to say.  I’m really digging their portrayal of the issues that Ashleigh is going through as a college grad who can’t find a job.  Her feelings of hopelessness, confusion, and desperation must reflect what a lot of students are going through.  It’s nice that they’ve lingered on this instead of just quickly passed it by.


One Response to ““Fumble”: Greek (S4: E5)”

  1. Anya said

    I’m also finding Ash’s relationship with Torts Prof strangely believable. They’re doing something right with all this.

    How much do you love Katherine with “Walter”? 🙂

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