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Glum Review: “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle” (S2:E11)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on February 7, 2011

A Very Special Super Bowl Episode has ushered in a new year of Glum Reviews. Let the awfulness begin.


– Anything goes at McKinley High. Kids can play with fire all they like and strut around with pointy chests and stick raw chicken breasts down their bras. Glee is so dedicated to realism. [-1]

– In my many reoccurring complaints, I don’t think I’ve mentioned my problem with WMHS. In my school district, we had a James Conant High School and a William Fremd High School. But they did not go by JCHS or WFHS. It was CHS and FHS. Why aren’t they just MHS? It really bothers me. [-1]

– A somewhat realistic portrayal of something going wrong on the football field. Not terrible, and it played into Finn’s constant insecurities. [+1]

– Back when this show started, Sue’s ridiculous comments were funny. Now, they’re so ridiculous, that it’s just weird and pathetic. Raccoon hormones? Come on. [-1]

– I can understand Sue’s desire and difficulty to top herself, but this storyline had better resolve with a good message. Otherwise, more wasted ridiculousness.

– Has Artie really never been slushied? I don’t buy that…

– And let me take this moment to say again how stupid the slushy thing is. That doesn’t happen in real high schools. At least not with the regularity it does on Glee. [-1]

– “This is the choir room. Now put up your fists because you and I are going to do some dancing.” I feel like this is a line Biff would say in Back to the Future. “Let’s make like a tree and get out of here.” It’s not the dance room, fist-fighting isn’t boxing so you’re not really dancing around…just a dumb line. [-1]

– I like this idea. It actually makes sense for the football bullies to be forced into glee club to end the ridicule. Unless it backfires and makes them hate the glee clubbers more. But it’s a sitcom, so that won’t happen. [+1]

– Rachel: “I won’t let anything get in the way of a performance.” Except your ego. OH SNAP! Santana should have said that.

– Again I ask, what’s the point of working on this song? Rachel and Puck…great…are you going to do it at competition? No. [-1]

– I like that they’re doing a country song…though it’s not labeled as one…no points either way.

– I had no idea Puck and Finn weren’t allies. As two football players on Glee Club, don’t they pretty much have to be? But let’s create conflict for this episode. [-1]

– Have I missed something? What championship is this? Why aren’t they calling it Regional or Sectional or something like that? It better not be state. If it’s state, I’m deducting 3 points.

– Some solid laughs between an outraged Figgins and an indignant Sue. [+1]

– OK, a hearty belly laugh after Sue’s ridiculous tantrum (which I was about to deduct points for, since she certainly would be suspended for an outburst like that). But you cut to Mr. Schu who tells Beastie “I wish you could have seen it” and Sue immediately walks in and recreates it all in the locker room with the same dramatic music. Very funny. [+1]

– What Championship game!?!?!?!

– It just hit me, as I was wondering why they didn’t do “Thriller” around Halloween. Episode 10 of this season was a Christmas theme. Santa Clause at all. This is Episode 11. Pop Quiz: How many high school football games are played after January 1st? ZERO. [-2]

– Since when does Mr. Schue know modern music? [-1]

– But seriously, why would you choose to do “Thriller?” Makes no sense. [-1]

– Mr. Schuester is always good for a touching moment, like the one he had with the bully. [+1]

– “I’m torn.” “I’m not.” “I’m Brittany.” HA! [+1]

– CHOOSE ONCE AND FOR ALL — for the seventh time — WHERE YOUR LOYALTIES LIE! I’m so glad the writers keep coming up with original conflicts. And things that ALWAYS stick. [-1]

– This makes sense. While trying to learn one complicated dance routine, learn another one solely for warm-ups. [-1]

– Oh look, Kurt is still on this show. And we get to see him sing a completely unnecessary song unrelated to anything. But I do enjoy these all-male a capella numbers.It’s so funny how Blaine is the only who gets any solos, though…ever. [-1]

– They only need 4 more players for a regulation football game? HOW CONVENIENT! There are so many actual rules being broken here, it’s depressing. [-1]

– I cannot get over the ridiculousness of this episode. People come and go on the football team, cheerleader squad and glee club more than Brett Favre. [-1]

– 9 players, 4 of them girls, 1 in a wheel chair. In “The Championship.” This is so sad. Especially since most Glee fans will still like this episode.

– If they needed 9 players to be on the field (per Blaine’s sudden knowledge of Ohio high school football rules), how can Finn leave the field at any time? [-1]

– Seriously, how many times do we have to have this speech about being cool and being part of Glee club? [-1]

– They didn’t even bother to put yard lines on the field. What is wrong with this show? [-1]

– Yay! They won their first playoff game! Which is apparently also the state championship…played at home…in January. [-1]

– Nope, no interesting revelation with Sue. Just a quick way out of the Cheerios storylines for the year. But I bet they’ll return.

– They can’t even keep their own wacky football lingo straight. That game wasn’t the conference championship. They already won the conference at the beginning of the episode. [-1]

– Excellent. More Quinn/Finn/Rachel love triangle. [-1]

Such a terrible episode.

Score: -16


2 Responses to “Glum Review: “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle” (S2:E11)”

  1. CJ Cregg said

    Hah. I totally agree. This was AWFUL.

  2. Andrea said

    My favorite line: “We like football… well blaine does, I like scarves” WTF Kurt?

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