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“Midnight Clear”: Greek (S4: E6)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 14, 2011

She works hard for the money

Calvin’s turning 21!  And Casey and Ash still haven’t spoken–and are both channeling their freak outs about it through facebook stalking.  And it’s totes awkward between Rusty and Ash after their homecoming make out, which only Ashleigh knows about.


Meanwhile, a snowstorm is sweeping Cyprus.  Way to be up with current events, ABCFam.

A few weeks have passed, and Ash now has a minimum-wage job at Dobler’s.

Casey is freaking out about the ‘law school curse.’  Apparently law school ruins relationships.  So does grad school, my friends, so does grad school.

Rusty finds out that he made out with Ashleigh.  He seems to think that she’s really into him.  But then Simon aka Torts Prof shows up as Ashleigh’s date to the party.  Awwww.  Kward.  This does not make Ash and Casey’s reconciliation any easier.

Calvin’s party sucks because there’s no beer, but since Ash works at Dobler’s, they all trudge over there in the snow.  All Calvin wants for his birthday is for everyone to stop fighting, and with the idyllic snow, it seems like he might get it.  But it’s Greek, so he really won’t.

Checking Calvin's ID at Dobler's

Once they get to Dobler’s, Bex proposes a game of kiss and tell.  You have to tell the truth or kiss someone I guess.  Sounds fun.  Except not really.  (“Nope, still gay,” says Calvin after kissing Bex.)  When Ash and Rusty have to kiss, there’s a special moment.  Bex gets to ask Evan about their relationship.  He feels pressured by her neediness, but she’s responding to feeling him slipping away.

The game has convinced Ashleigh and Casey to reconcile.  However, they both assert that the second Sex and the City Movie was good, so I don’t think we should believe that this will last.  Ah yes, I’m right.  When Ash tells Casey that she kissed Rusty, things are right back on shaky ground.  Ash calls it off with Rusty.  Bex finally realizes that she deserves better than treating like crap by Evan.

When the bar owner comes in the next morning to see Ash et al. fast asleep, she loses her job.  Bummer.


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