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Three college friends out in the world, filling the void with television…and loving it.

“Subclass Plagiostomi”: Greek (S4: E7)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 21, 2011

Natalie is back to cause chaos.

Evan is piiiiissed at Casey that she recommended that Bex break up with him.  Meanwhile, Bex is burning all the letters he wrote her.  And *wince* sending the diamond necklace he bought her down the garbage disposal.  Meanwhile meanwhile, Casey is getting ready to kick Evan’s butt at mock trial.

KT’s on academic probation.  The bros are convinced that it’s Omega Chi out to destroy them.  And their fingers are pointing to Dale.  Who is now apparently dating that super annoying Panhell girl, Natalie.

Ashleigh runs into a former prof looking to hire for her new marketing firm at a job fair.  Simon Torts Prof asks her to come to a donor dinner and gives her his credit card to buy something to wear.  Creepy.

Bex is waging war on Gamma Psi after learning that Omega Chi will host its formal with Gamma Psi instead of ZBZ. But she also finds out that Omega Chi isn’t planning to initiate Dale and instead wants to humiliate him.

Casey and Evan are really out for blood at the mock trial competition.  Casey and Katherine win, though.  The STP (Simon Torts Prof) offers Casey a research position.  Evan’s convinced that STP and Ash dating is why Casey won.  When Ash asks STP to meet him later at the donor dinner, he says he wants her there when it starts, and she begins to see the strings attached to the credit card.  They break up.

The pledge talent show gets sluttier every year.  But here’s the rub.  Omega Chi DOES try to humiliate Dale when the pledge brothers walk off the stage and leave Dale dancing by himself, erm, in his underwear.  Casey and Calvin join him onstage to help him out. Dale’s really depressed and claims that brotherhood is a sham.

But Ash, Dale, and Rusty watch the Bachelor at the end, so it’s ok.

Next week?  Biebz (except not) AND FRANNY COMES BACK!!1!!1  ZOMG!


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