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“Agents of Change”: Greek (S4: E9)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 28, 2011

Miss her?

ZBZ is abuzz.  Nationals has nominated them as finalists for the Golden Lily, an award for best chapter in the nation.  Now, it’s all hands on deck for the nationals visit this weekend.  Bex is viewing it as a referendum on her presidency.  Casey hears echoes of Franny in her self determination.  For the fundraiser they’re planning to impress nationals, Bex wants to throw a concert.  She reaches out to an alum in LA to get some help with her plan—FRANNY’S BACK!

Franny offers to get the Biebz for their concert.  (As Bex claims, a Bieber in the hand is worth two Lacheys in the bush.)

KT is still trying to figure out who is out to get them.  And when an ‘accident’ damages their house, they have to figure out how to get money to fix it.  They hear that Chambers International (shudder) is interested in buying Rusty’s self-healing wire.  When Rusty goes looking for information, Evan is a total jerk.  When an inspector comes by to look at the KT house, they condemn it.  Spidey’s dad steps in to stop it, and everyone is excited except for Spidey.

Calvin is so pissed off with the Omega Chi’s prank on Dale, and he thinks about quitting.  Calvin’s talk about confronting problems head on inspires Evan to visit his parents with Rusty in tow.  His parents quickly realize that Evan isn’t there to catch up, but instead wants to talk business.  Speaking of mad awk, it must suck to be Rusty, totally caught in the middle.  Evan and his parents do seem to make a little bit of progress, though.  And he finally gets an “I’m proud of you son” from dear old Dad.  It all ends up working out due to Evan’s law school negotiation skills, and Rusty gets a job working on his wire with Chambers International once he graduates.

Meanwhile, Calvin wants to take back Omega Chi from the jerkfaces.  The pledges seem to have Calvin’s back.  They miss Dale and are fed up with Tripp’s evil presidency.

When Ash, Casey, and Franny go out for drinks, it is mad awk.  Franny insists that she’s changed and that she misses Casey.  But, then the Biebz cancels.  And four ZBZ presidents start screaming at each other.  Nothing’s changed.  And then the nationals inspectors come.  And then it hits everyone.  Pledge Spidey looks a lot like Justin Bieber.  (I’ve been thinking that all season.)

During the concert, Ash and Casey reflect on their relationship with ZBZ.  Ash isn’t bothered by this new Franny betrayal because she’s moved on from the house and is over it.  Casey is still too close to ZBZ to be over the I Kapp debacle.  Casey replies that ZBZ was formative for her in college and that she wants to give back.  Ash asks her how much she’s planning to give.  Touche, Ash, touche.

The nationals inspectors are totally convinced by the Biebz look alike.  When they get home, Franny makes a similar argument as Ash, to which Casey replies, “I guess you can’t be nostalgic for something you never left.” Franny’s point is that everything that seems so important to sorority members: dates, formals, and contests, seem trivial once you move on.  But it’s not trivial, really.  The memories are significant.  Casey seems to be getting ready to leave ZBZ, despite how much it meant to her.

This is the first time I’m starting to feel like they’re wrapping up this show.  This episode is full of reflections on what sororities and fraternities mean to those who belong, those who don’t, and those who move on.  And I really like their observations.  They resonate with my experiences as a sorority member.  Omega Chi moving back toward being a real brotherhood, Bex and Casey share a moment where they talk seriously about what it means to be a leader, and friendship and sisterhood seem to blossoming at CRU.

But I still think they have a lot to do next week to wrap all of this up.  And I’m sad to see this show go.


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