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“Legacy”: Greek (S4: E10)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 7, 2011

Brother to Brother

Here goes, ABCFam.  How you gonna wrap up four years of one of my fave shows?

Some time seems to have passed.  Cappie and Rusty are discussing their finals.  Spidey is still bitter that his dad is saving the day by buying the KT house.

Torts Prof has hired Casey as his research assistant, and he’s bringing Evan on now to argue for the university who wants to raze a blighted fraternity house to build a new gym.  KT.  Of course.  Spidey’s dad is behind all of this.   Evan is clearly on board with Torts Prof, but Casey is having moral concerns because KT means so much to Cappie.  Casey breaks the news to Cappie, who is not happy that she’s staying on the research team.

Cappie is conflicted: study for his finals or save KT?  He concocts a plan for the gang to break into Spidey’s dad’s office to get his old KT stuff to remind him what brotherhood is about.  This is a bit crazy.  (I mean, I loved–love–my sorority, but I don’t keep my old paddle and pictures in my office.)

Rusty still likes Ashleigh.  And his present of a nametag for her new desk at the marketing firm is super sweet.

Cappie gets a letter saying he has enough credits to graduate.  But he still has that one pesky final.  And he has to fight for KT.  While he and Rusty talk about what KT has meant to them, the bros show up with some booze, and they get trashed one more time in the old house.

Bex and Dale are trying to figure out why all of their past relationships have failed by talking to their exes.  He finds out that Laura

Standing up for KT

has been into him the whole time.  They have a mad makeout session after pushing Bex (accidentally) into a cake.

When the KT brothers wake up the next day, there’s a huge rally outside their house, and Cappie delivers a rousing speech inviting other students to explain why they love the house.  (Katherine: How many of you also lost your virginity here?)  The student speeches are a parade of who has been on this show: slutty girl who Rusty did body shots off in episode one of the first season and that newspaper girl that Rusty used to date.  We should get Max up in here.  (Weird.)  Spidey’s dad explains to the crowd, once again, that once you leave college, your fraternity experiences don’t matter.  He puts Casey on the spot to explain to the crowd why building the new athletic facility is a good idea.  She refuses to speak.  Now it’s Evan’s turn.  He also picks his friends over his future.

Wow, ok.  And the bulldozers start.  I thought they’d be able to save the house.  But they can’t.  It crumbles while Rusty and Cappie cry.  (Of course, this is all kind of silly because they can still be a fraternity without a house.  Plenty of chapters on campuses across the country live in dorms.  It does suck that all those who live there are without housing now, but I suspect the university would be

Saying goodbye

obligated to provide some.)  Rusty feels like he could have done more to save the house.  Casey points out that, regardless of outcome, he’s changed.  He stands up for himself.  He’s not just a nerdy little engineer anymore.  Casey and Rusty’s heart to heart leads her to tell Ash that Rusty can handle himself, and she can date him if she wants.

Now it’s Rusty’s turn to deliver a speech.  He tells his depressed brothers sitting on the curb that KT isn’t a house, it’s a brotherhood.  He tells them to study for their finals, bring their house GPA up, and he’s gonna find a new house for them for next year.  (Ah yes, they realize the realization I realized two paragraphs ago.)

Bex asks Evan why they didn’t work out.  He says it’s cuz he screwed up.

After all of this, it’s Casey’s turn to be footloose like Cappie.  She realizes she doesn’t want to be a lawyer, so she’s gonna up and move to DC to fight for her beliefs.  (Yah, no evil corps there.)  Cappie is going to come with her.  (But wait, isn’t this the same problem they’ve always had?  Except now they BOTH lack direction?)

Ash and Rusty decide to start dating.  (I still can’t wrap my head around that.  Too weird.)

Cappie misses his final because of everything that happened.  He argues his way into getting to take the oral examination.  It’s for a philosophy class, and he has to answer the question ‘why are we here’?  He delivers a speech about college.  (While there’s a montage about his time at CRU.)  He says he has a lot more to learn out there in the real world.  Sweet, if a bit cliche.

We also learn Cappie’s real name after he gets his diploma.  It’s Captain John Paul Jones.  Weird.  While the gang celebrates at Dobler’s, Cappie passes the KT presidency onto Rusty.  (Wait, doesn’t there have to be an election or something?)

We also find out that ZBZ wins the Golden Lily award from last week.

The “Forever Young” goodbye scene at the end is a little cliche as Cappie and Casey pack up the little red car to leave.  As Casey and Cappie drive off, Bex and Evan exchange a lingering glance.

Final thoughts?  I guess the ending was a little cliche.  I’m happy that they tried to avoid wrapping everything up too neatly, although there was a bit of a feeling of being rushed to the end.  (Calvin and Grant going to India?  What?)   I’m satisfied, though.  I’ve enjoyed the past four years with Greek, and I appreciate the writers highlighting the important legacies of Greek life even after we sisters and brothers graduate.  And as a Greek, I can tell you that those feelings of fraternity are real.  Yes, so are the parties.  But forging brotherhood and sisterhood out of a diverse group of pledges is no small feat.

I’ll miss this show.


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