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My dreams were my ticket out

Posted by Mr. Feeny on October 17, 2013

Any TV fan worth his weight in remote controls knows the above title comes from the classic theme song to “Welcome Back, Kotter.” Since I actually wanted to title this post “Welcome Back, Feeny,” I figured diverging a little bit would be creative. In actuality, it’s just turned into an odd tangent that seems out of place and anti-climactic.

I guess I really am back!

For a few reasons, I decided to try returning to “Two Guys, a Girl and a TV Set.” Of course now it’s just a lonely guy and a computer screen. Since I last blogged, Netflix Streaming has become an incredible force in the marketplace. It’s spawned many copycat services and now is in the original programming business. There are more TV shows than ever before, yet less subscribers to cable and satellite. People are now filling their nights with old TV shows that they missed (either meaning of the word).

This leads to my primary reason. I have always enjoyed going on TV binges, but now it’s easier than ever. In the past year, I have rewatched “Frasier” and “Scrubs” in order and finally welcomed “The Shield” into my life. For the latter, I followed every episode by reading a review from someone, whi

ch were sometimes difficult to find because episodic reviews hadn’t become vogue yet. For the sitcoms, though, I felt no need to do that. It’s just meant for humor, not deep thought.

That was not the case a few weeks ago, when I started

“Cheers.” Many consider this one of the best sitcoms ever created. I had seen a couple dozen episodes in my lifetime. I knew the characters, some storylines (thanks largely to my love of the spin-off), and some major episodes (Thanksgiving, of course). But I


was looking forward to completely immersing myself in this classic. After watching the pilot, which is constantly cited as one of the best comedy pilots, I went searching for a review…and found one on the A.V. Club. Not only that episode…a panel of critics reviewed the first two seasons in 2011 and 2012. I was in heaven. I learned so much about the show. And more importantly learned the art of creating comedy by picking apart the episode.

Unfortunately, the A.V. Club stopped their “Cheers” reviews before the third season…and this was the one I was most looking forward to

. The introduction of one of my favorite sitcom characters, Frasier Crane. And I still have Woody, Lillith, and (I guess) Rebecca to look forward to in the coming years. How will I go on without their reviews?

So, I decided to come back to the blog. I might post on other topics. I won’t be reviewing each of this season’s new shows…I just don’t have the time to even watch them all anymore. I also mostly watch sitcoms because of how easy they are to watch in pieces. I don’t see any reason to do episodic

reviews of “It’s Always Sunny” or “How I Met Your Mother.” So we’ll keep it simple.

The other reason I decided to come back: I really enjoy talking about

P.S. — The first paragraph gave me a thought for an graphic. I need to figure out how to make it, but I want to do a graph plotting the correlation between a show’s theme song and it’s overall impact. For instance, the “Cheers” theme song would be high in the right corner, for being an excellent and significant show with a fabulous theme song. “Welcome Back, Kotter,” on the other hand, would be close for theme song, but much farther away on the show quality axis. We’ll see when I get to this.television…even if no one’s there to listen.


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  1. Nathan said

    Welcome back!

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